Position It Right For Conception

There are many helpful tips for couples who want to conceive. Some of these involve foods that you should eat; others involve types of exercise; still others involve drugs and other therapies. One suggestion that most people don't want to discuss is sex positions. While there isn't much research to support this idea, or too much conclusive evidence, it certainly can't hurt to try these recommended positions to achieve conception. These positions are thought to allow the sperm better access to the egg and to create more of a chance of conception. If nothing else - they might spice up your love life and add some new creativity to your partnership!

Positions for Conception

The best position for conception is considered to be the missionary position. It works with gravity and enables the sperm to be brought as close to the egg as possible. Positions where the woman is on top are not a good idea to achieve conception, because they work against gravity and ask too much of the sperm to reach the egg. Two other positions that may help a couple to achieve are spooning and doggie style. If you have a tipped uterus, or a tilted uterus, the doggie style position is the most recommended.

Stay Put!

Many people make the mistake of getting up after intercourse. There really is something to be said for lying in place for 15-30 minutes after intercourse. This gives the sperm time to travel up the vagina and to be absorbed. Enjoy your time together and make this a relaxing, play time. This is a great opportunity to be together, and to banish stress for a while from your partnership. Stress can negatively influence your chances of conception, and this is a great way to build in some stress-free time for your relationship. Enjoy some visualization as well of the sperm reaching the egg and of you, a year from now, with a beautiful, healthy baby.

Keep Her Happy

It is actually helpful if the woman is stimulated during intercourse. Women will, undoubtedly, enjoy this piece of advice. When a woman is stimulated, it may help her chances of conception because an orgasm may help the sperm to reach the egg. This is certainly a great way to bond with your partner, and it may actually help with conception!

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