Flower Remedies

Like many alternative fertility methods, such as aromatherapy and fertility yoga, flower remedies help to treat infertility by promoting mental and emotional health. This is because experiencing infertility often increases stress, which can in turn affect your chances of conceiving by upsetting your body’s natural harmony. Flower remedies help to alleviate stress by balancing hormones, as well as relieve some of the emotional problems that may be the cause of infertility.


What are Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies were first developed by a physician and homeopathic practitioner who noticed a connection between negative thoughts and infertility in his patients. Like homeopathic remedies, flower remedies are made up of extracts from various flowers and plants that are diluted and taken orally by a few drops on the tongue. Alternatively, you can purchase essences at what is referred to as stock strength, which may be diluted in a glass of water for drinking at home.


Flower Remedies and Infertility

Advocates of flower essence remedies believe that many human ailments can be influenced directly by an individual’s mental and emotional state. Some couples who seek infertility treatment may not respond to fertility drugs or otherwise be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Flower remedies may be the place to look for a natural fertility treatment when other medical approaches aren’t effective or appropriate.


Choosing a Flower Remedy

Each flower essence has its own strength and helps to heal a specific concern that may be affecting your natural fertility. Flower essences are combined to create the flower remedy fit for your concerns. Here is a list of some common essences that you can use in your own flower remedy:


  • Pomegranate essence has a balancing effect on the reproductive system and helps with female infertility. It is also good for emotional issues surrounding sexuality and motherhood.
  • She Oak is most commonly used to reduce stress caused by infertility and to help balance hormonal levels
  • Noni encourages nurturance and caring, and reduces negative emotions
  • White Chestnut and Vervain promote relaxation and positive thinking
  • Wisteria promotes sensuality and calms the body
  • Aspen reduces anxiety and stress to increase reproductive health
  • Agrimony promotes open communication to help release negative emotions


Where to Find Flower Remedies

There are many different types of flower essences available for individuals to choose from. Use your intuition to choose the essence combination that is right for you based on your particular fertility problems and needs.

You may choose your own combination by purchasing individual essences which may be combined at home or mixed at a health store. Many health stores carry flower remedy combinations that specifically target infertility. Alternatively, professional flower remedy therapists are available and can prescribe a specific essence combination that will help relieve your individual fertility concerns.


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