New IUI Method

A new IUI device is coming on to the market which imitates the natural way the sperm gets to the egg. In normal circumstances, the sperm are held back by the cervix and slowly released in small groups over a period of a few hours. Up to now, most IUI doctors have just used a one-time injection of sperm into the womb. Very often this means that too many sperm arrive at the egg at one time and then the egg is unable to accept that one sperm you need to get pregnant. The new device, the 'Evie', hopes to solve this problem.

The Evie

The Evie is a new type of pump that allows the sperm to be slowly released into the womb over a period of a few hours, just like in nature. Developed by Israeli researchers and tested in England, Germany and Israel, it has received both European and FDA approval. It is in the process of being manufactured and distributed and should be available in 2011. Trial results show that it has almost double the success rate of conventional IUI treatment, making it comparable to IVF treatment. IVF is of course not only more invasive but much more expensive, so the 'Evie' makes assisted conception that much more affordable for more couples.

How The Pump Works

The device is actually very simple. It is a small disposable pump equipped with a timer, a catheter that goes into the womb, an insemination syringe, and a strap so that the woman can attach it to her leg. Once the device is in place, the woman can go about her normal life while the sperm are slowly released into her womb over a period of about three hours. She doesn't even need to return to the doctor's office to remove the device, but can remove it herself once the time is up and throw the whole unit away.

The Window Of Opportunity

One of the things fertility doctors are always concerned about is extending the small 'window of opportunity' that enables you to get pregnant. With this device, they can extend the envelope by a few hours, and by mimicking nature, give you a better chance of getting pregnant. If you can go home instead of staying at the clinic while the sperm are slowly released, you will be able to relax, watch a funny movie or TV show and take your mind off what is happening. This will also help you, as who wants to think that they got pregnant at the doctor's office!

Ask your fertility specialist how soon this device will be available and if it is suitable for your fertility treatment. As it is a new way of doing IUI it may not be covered under health insurance plans.

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