Beginning Steps

As you get older it becomes progressively harder to get pregnant so you need to maximize your chances as much as possible. Even if you have other health issues which are affecting your fertility, you still need to give yourself the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

First Things First

If you or your partner smoke or take recreational drugs- GIVE It UP. Smoking and drug taking are known to affect fertility and if your fertility is already affected because of your age you don't want to make the situation worse. Even certain medicines like antihistamines can temporarily affect your fertility, so if you want to get pregnant you may have to put up with having hay fever.

Don't forget to let your doctor know that you are trying for a baby and check that your prescription won't affect your chances of conception. Your partner should also check his medications, as for example steroids and ulcer medication can affect sperm production. Alcohol is also a no no for both of you while you are 'trying'. Even coffee can affect your chances, so if you are serious about wanting to get pregnant you should forgo your 'cup o'Joe'.


Because your weight can affect your periods it is important to maintain a normal weight for your height. If you need assistance to get pregnant, a lot of fertility clinics expect you to lose weight before they will consider treating you, even though that may seem unfair. They are actually looking after your best interests. If you lose weight you may get pregnant naturally, as being seriously overweight can affect your chances of conceiving.

Of course, depending on your problem, you may still need some type of fertility treatment but you will have a better chance for the treatment to 'take' if you weigh less. If on the other hand you are underweight, you may find that if you put on a few pounds, nature will take care of the rest.


It's been said before but stress can really adversely affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you lead a very busy lifestyle, work long hours and have very little down time, you may not be giving your body enough of a chance to conceive. If you are both working 60 hours a week in high stress jobs, and have a long commute, you probably don't even have time to talk to each other, never mind the energy to have enough sex.

You also need to eat regular healthy meals, instead of grabbing a sandwich at your desk, or skipping meals altogether because of time pressure. Vitamin supplements, while useful, can only do so much.


Many women are actually a bit ambivalent about having a baby. Of course the idea of giving birth can feel scary, not to mention the thought of the responsibility of bringing a child into the world can be a bit overwhelming at times. And after years of using contraception, it's not always easy to switch your mind over from stop to go.

Your body may also be similarly confused, and that makes it just that bit harder for the body to let go and allow you to get pregnant. You may find that if you can admit your ambivalence to yourself and release your understandable doubts, that this change in attitude can help you to get pregnant.

And if you do have to take the assisted reproduction route, this site has plenty of advice and information.


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