Surrogacy & Donors

When you are considering using a donor, it can be difficult to know just how to judge potential candidates. How to Choose a Donor can offer you some helpful hints and tips on what to look for when deciding on an egg donor.

While some couples may choose to use eggs donated by someone they know, others may decide to go through an agency. If you are wondering just how much screening an agency does before accepting a donor, then take a look at How Egg Donors are Screened. But perhaps you're not sure if you even need a donor. How and Why to Use Donor can help clarify whether or not this is the best route for you.

Surrogacy will help you learn more about this third party method of reproduction. There are a variety of factors to consider when thinking about surrogacy. Get an overview of the gestational surrogacy procedure to find out what this particular process involves. Some couples may go to an agency to find a surrogate mother, but others are luckily enough to have a relative or close friend volunteer. However, there are special issues to consider when contemplating surrogacy within the family.

Surrogacy may require certain types of donations. If you are turning to a sperm donor, then take a look at Sperm Donation, which will answer any questions you may have about this process. Another type of donation you may not have considered is embryo donation. This type of fertility treatment has been successful for many couples and often costs less than other methods of ART.

Discussing the issue of surrogacy and egg donation with your child can be difficult. You may not feel comfortable discussing the issue or are worried about how your child will react. If you are considering telling your child about their unique beginnings, then take a look at Talking to Children About Ovum Donation, which can offer you some insight and guidance on this important topic.

If you have decided that surrogacy is the right option for you, you may have some concerns about bonding with your newborn following a surrogate birth. Many mothers decide to induce lactation in order to bond with their child through breastfeeding.

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Are you considering using a donor or surrogate? Perhaps you have used one in the past and are considering conceiving through this method again. Help other women thinking about using a donor or surrogate and write about your experience at Pregnancy Stories.


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