Getting Started

Making the decision to stop infertility treatments and look into adoption can be a tough one to make. Choosing Adoption After Infertility will give you more insight as to the many emotional issues that are common to experience when making this choice.

If you're not sure that you're really prepared to start the adoption process just yet, Are You Ready for Adoption? can give you some guidance. Of course, the decision to adopt must be reached mutually between you and your partner. Discussing Adoption with Your Partner will provide you with some tips on how to begin exploring adoption together.

To help you learn more about adoption and all the different types of adoption available to people today, take a look at Adoption: An Overview. If you have already decided to do a domestic adoption, then you'll want to read Open Adoption and Closed Adoption. These two articles go into detail about these two distinctly different types of domestic adoption.

Although many people think that only newborn baby's are available for adoption, the reality is that thousands of older children need parents, too. There are also many children with special needs waiting to be adopted.

A staple of the adoption process is the homestudy. Learn more about what to expect from your homestudy in Studying Your Home.

The adoption process often brings with it many questions. Take a look at our Adoption FAQs to get the answers you want to commonly asked adoption questions.


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