Infertility and the Mind Body Connection

Infertility isn't always the result of physical illness or dysfunction. Sometimes, lifestyle factors can play an important role in determining a couple's fertility. Mental health is one lifestyle factor that is of particular concern when it comes to fertility. Many couples struggle with severe stress, depression, and emotional concerns as they deal with fertility issues. These emotional problems can have just as severe an effect on fertility as any physical problem. If you are trying to conceive, take stock of your mental health and work to minimize the stress in your life. You will be amazed with the results!

Relationships and Infertility
If you are experiencing infertility, you may find that your struggles are really impacting your personal relationship with your partner. The rollercoaster of emotions caused by infertility can put extreme stress on any partnership, making it difficult to relate to one another, talk to each other, and lean on one another for support. Many couples feel that infertility negatively affects their relationship in a number of ways. You may find that infertility treatments cause:

  • financial pressure
  • sexual stress
  • loss of spontaneity

It may also cause extreme personal stress, which can only impact further on your infertility. When you are strugglig with infertility, it is important to learn how to manage your stress and emotions in order to maintain your partnership and enhance your fertility.

Expressing Yourself
Many couples find it difficult to express their true feelings and emotions. This can be especially troublesome when faced with the very real possibility that you will never conceive. However, if you do not learn to express your emotions, you may actually be further reducing your fertility. Research over the past decade has illustrated that emotions and stress have a dramatic impact on our body's functions. Emotions can make us feel sick, tired, energetic, or weak. Similarly, emotions and stress can also impact our hormone levels, influencing our fertility.

Let Your Emotions Out: The Mind/Body Connection

Recently, a lot of research has been done regarding the connection between the mind and infertility. Called the mind-body connection, this theory posits that physical health and wellbeing are directly related to emotional health. Couples struggling with infertility often have a negative mindset, and, as a result, their fertility continues to worsen. A study performed at Harvard Medical School however, illustrates that fertility can be improved when couples learn to manage their emotional stress.

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2. Feeling good? Mind affects fertility
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