6 fertilized eggs no cleavage!!
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Miaferra - April 6

This is my first time writing on a forum but I felt that this will help us get our case out in the public and hopefully find support or a similar story. We have had two failed IVF cycles in two different clinics in two different countries. In both cases we had an amazing stimulation, great number of retrived eggs, six fertilized eggs but, unfortunately, in both cases the fertilized eggs did not divide at all. When it happened the first time almost two years ago I was completely shocked and devastated. The doctor could not explained the reason and we were left with more questions than answers. We waited 2 years for our next attempt and the new doctor assured us that the past cycle was probably a lab error because he could not see anything out of the ordinary with my blood work or my husband's analysis. We were very optimistic this 2nd time around and we thought that this time at least we will get some kind of cell division but to my surprise, the new doctor called with the same news: NO DIVISION!! This time I took the news much harder than the 1st time. Again, we are left without an explanation. Our doctor has said that he has not seen a case like this in his lifetime. He consulted with his group od colleagues and they all had the same answer. We have been trying to find a similar case on the internet but have not found anything. Right now the only thing the doctor is proposing is to go through another IVF cycle, this time try it with ICSI and fertilized 75% of my eggs with my husband's sperm and the other 25% with a donor sperm. This way we will know if the problem is the egg or the sperm. I feel this idea its almost like an experiment. I am looking now for a 2nd opinion and in our case it will be the 3rd clinic but for our own sake we need to find out what the problem is. My question now is, does anyone know of a similar case? 6 fertilized eggs no cleavage!!


HB_mommy02 - September 25

This happenend to us this month We had 12 follicles going into egg retrieval. 7 eggs, 5 healthy and mature with 4 fertilizing. Come day 3 our RE called and said the eggs fertilized but None of the 4 eggs divided. He said he has never seen anything like it. Our re is recommending karyotype testing to check for possible transLocation however he is not expecting anything to be found. Our re thinks we may have previously conceived due to our sons embryo also having the same translocation gene. Did you try this? I am so frustrated and am afraid to go through this process. I am also worried that if we do have translocation we have passed it to our son and he may have problems conceiving when he is older. Hopefully science has caught up by then. I saw your post on another blog and am wondering how your June consult went?


miaferra - September 27

Thank you for asking. Our consultation in June went well but we felt that even the doctor at CCRM could not give us a reasonable explanation or a clear treatment. We are now seeing a clinic overseas and are waiting on a semen analysis that the doctor over there prescribed. This analysis was never mentioned by any of the doctors that treated us here in the US. We have to wait a month.

As for your re suggestion of karyotype, I think it's a common test after something like this but like he said I don't think something reasonable will come out of the results. We had our karyotype tested and everything came back normal as well as other genetic testing. Our case is very rare but at least we may get some good news very soon. The only thing I can do right now is stay positive and continue to pray. I hope you find an answer soon. Please let me know if there's anything else you may need.


mjones - December 21

My spouse and I are going through the exact same situation. We also had a very good cycle with what looked to be healthy eggs. We used ICSI and ours (7) stopped developing after fertilization and didn't make it to day 2. We have been given the same advice. Try again with the same scenario as you miaferra. Have either of you learned more information? I have researched as much as I can about our situation, but have not come across any answers. Furthermore, this is the only forum I have found with this issue.


miaferra - December 21

We just came back from our 3rd attempt from overseas and had the same results. Fertilization without cleavage. Prior to our treatment, we had a test done that showed the sperm's ability to fertilize and divide the eggs so that left us knowing that we clearly had an egg problem. After this 3rd attempt we have decided to move on with egg donation.
I have been blessed with two wonderful sisters that are ready to be part of our journey. We are all content with the decision. If you have any questions please let me know. I wish the best of luck and many blessings.


HB_mommy02 - December 21

I am so sorry you had to experience this again. How wonderful to have the family you have. What a blessing.  You will be welcoming a beautiful baby in no time.

We have been afraid to try again. So far you are the only 2 people who have had a similar experience. I often find myself second guessing past decisions and wondering if i have done anything to jeopardize the health of my eggs. No Drug use but maybe drinking in my 20's, birth control pills, weight, or diet pills for a few weeks??? Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your results.
I wish the best for both of you.



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