ivf transfer this morning
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2moms - October 24

This is my first post. On Thursday I had the retrieval for my 3rd ivf cycle -- 36 eggs! Still, by today's transfer, there were only two 6-celled embies and 1 5-cell to transfer. This is basically what's happened the last two times. The first time I had two 4's, and last time I had one 6 and two 5's, so this is a slight improvement... But still it seems like the same old problem of slow-developing embryos, which makes me think the real problem is poor egg quality... Which, from what I understand, has no solution. I am in a somewhat unique situation, since I'm married to another woman, so we do have her eggs to try... But we wanted to start "simple" with mine, since she doesn't want to be pregnant. But now I'm thinking that if this doesn't work, we'll have to move on to hers... and then maybe start looking into adoption. It's been a loooooong road already, and all of these other options sound endless. That, coupled with the fact that my best friends are all pregnant, some with their first, some their second -- all having had easier/ shorter roads than mine -- all makes me feel like a giant failure. And I haven't even gotten the negative pg test yet! Still have the 2ww... Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Hope others are doing better.


jaclyng - November 3

Hi! I'm in my 2 ww now too! I had 2 3 day embies to transfer. One was 8 cell (or 10)the other 4 cell. They were graded AB. Sooo hopefully this works. I'm going nuts!!! it's so hard to wait 2 weeks!!!!! grrrrr!good luck to you and your woman!!!!! I know it's hard.


Nikkie - November 9

Hello, this is my first post. I must admit, I have read every article there is to read during my 2ww. I am on Day 13 of my two week wait and it has been a journey. I had a total of 7 eggs retrieved and 5 which were considered "perfect" were transferred on Day 4. I am 43 years old and my doctor recommended I transfer the five to improve my success rate. I have children from a previous marriage and our issue was poor motility and morphology so with the help of ivf we are hoping and praying for the best. I had a follow up on Day 8 post transfer and the test was positive however due to my age i was still advised to continue bed rest. The wait is hard! Hang in there! Lots of love and luck to all!


laura2001 - November 17

My 1st post on this forum, am into day 12 of my 2WW. Tested using HPT on day 11 and it was negative. I have my blood test in 2 days time, did I test too early or does a negative sign on day 11 mean a negative when i do a blood test in 2 days?


jaclyng - November 22

Nikkie, How did your blood test go???


jaclyng - November 22

oh..and btw, mine was negative :( Sooo we will do another ivf cycle. This sucks. Hope yours was positive!


nikkie - November 26

Hi Linda, sometimes it is too early for the urine test to be accurate on day 11 so I wouldnt be discouraged, the blood test is the most accurate so early in the pregnancy! Good Luck.....


nikkie - November 26

Hi LAURA, sorry! :0)


nikkie - November 26

Hi jaclyng, I'm sorry to hear that yours was negative, but excited to hear that you are ready to try again. I'm told that your chances increase on subsequent attempts. My test was positive, Thank God, I had two originally but one is considerably smaller than the other so the doctor fears I may be experiencing a vanishing twin. Above all I am grateful. Due to my age my RE is still very cautious and I am both excited and terrified at the same time. I had a positive result on and ACA exam so they are treating me with IVIG to protect the placenta from the antibodies that my body has formed and could possibly prevent the placenta from nourishing the baby, this medicine stays in my system for approx three weeks and she feels the placenta will be out of danger by then. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone, this is such trying time and it feels good to talk. I apologize for the delayed response as I had issues signing in! Take care...



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