Spotting and Cramping before Period
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Schroeder - April 10


I am new to using this site, so hopefully I get it all right.

Has anyone out there experienced brown spotting and light cramping before their periods (approx. 5-7 days). I started experiencing this after I went off the pill 2 years ago. After about 8 months of TTC my Dr. discovered I had low progesterone and put me on Prometrium - I successfully conceived 2 mos. after starting prometrium but then had a mc at 11 weeks (miscarriage was not caused by low progesterone - just a "normal" mc per the results).

My husband and I have been trying for the last 6 mos. again without success and my progesterone levels are now higher but I am still lightly spotting and and having mild cramping about 1 week before my cycle starts -- has anyone had any experiences like this?? I haven't found much informationan about this.



101197 - May 17


I have test upon test and havent gotten any answer. I ALWAYS spot 4-7 days before AF and its brown. Sometimes its very flakey (sorry for TMI), sometimes watery, sometimes clottey, but whichever it is, I always get it. I've read that if you have PCOS then spotting is comin, but no one has ever said why. My progestone was normal and I've had an endimetrial biopsy done and it was normal. I've read that spotting can cause you not to be able to have a successfull implatation, which is frusterating when no one can tell me how to fix it, so I can feel what your feeling. I must say that since I've been on Metforim that the spotting some months drops to 1-2 days before AF, but its still spotting.

I am interested as you to see what respones come through.

let me know if you find anything out.


Risa - May 17

Yes, I have had this too. It used to really confuse me as to when my exact cycle started. Well, I think it was called cervical erosion. I remember my doctor stating that it can sometimes be caused by tampon use irritating the cervix. However, some women just get it. She solved the problem by cauterizing the area with silver nitrate. It has helped tremendously and the spotting one week prior to my period has ceased.

Hope this helps....


janderson - December 3

I am 27 years old and was having problems with spotting about a week before my period and had 2 abnormal papsmears i had to go have my cervix frozen about 8 months ago and it took care of it for a while now the spotting before my period has came back along with side pains i havent yet been back to the Dr i think i'm scared more than anything the dr told me before that what i had was considered pre cancer and the freezing should take care of it but now that the same symptoms are back i'm scared anyone else had these problems i have also had episodes of the top part of my stomach burning and fainting or near fainting but this only occurs either right before my period starts or right after it starts


MagnoliaGirl - December 8

I have the same thing and it also started after I went off of the pill. Sometimes it's 5 days prior and sometimes only 2 days prior. I haven't been able to get an answer as to why it happens to me either. My RE said that some women's progesterone levels drop sharply before their period and other drop gradually. He suggested a gradual drop might cause the spotting. Don't know if that helps you any. Good luck!


knight11 - December 20

I too experience 7 days of brown spotting(mostly clots) prior to a week of a heavy period. I've had several ultrasounds because I have cramping throughout the cycle as well - sometimes more painful than others. I also have severe mood swings for 3 weeks out of the month and it is really disrupting my life. The doc says that all my anatomy seems to be in working order. We've been TTC for just under a year. My doc keeps telling me that I'm still young and to relax.(I'm 27) I did recently have a test to see if I have high testosterone levels but have not yet heard the results. No one can give me answers as to why this is happening. It's very disheartening.

Also, has anyone experienced excess salivation just prior to their period?


mialandry - July 24

Hi there,
It's five days before AF and I am having brown spotting. Hy hubby and I have ttc for three cycles now. I Oed three days after I was supposed to. I think that I have PCOS but the doctors that I have been to have been no help. It is only since we started ttc that I have spotted about a week before AF. I have a dr apt monday so not only am I going to ask to be tested for pcos but I am also going to ask to have my progesterone levels checked.


sugerplumfairy - January 6

I have never done this before and see these posts are from a while back - but it is reassuring to FINALLY find an appropriate site for the exact symptoms I've having: regular brown spotting 5-7 days before my period.

I'm 31 and noticed this start about a year ago and went to the doctor about it six months ago, since we had started trying. I was told it was a cervical ectropion, I then saw the gynae (3 months ago) who confirmed the diagnosis and carried out the silver nitrate procedure that one of the above posts refers to. Unfortunately, this made no difference to the spotting and in fact seemed to make the spotting worse and my periods appeared heavier! I'm now having bloods done to test for hormone imbalance ... that it is a hormone related issue would seem to make more sense. I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with fertility - but I guess the results will tell ...


concerned_user - April 12

i had a miscarriage back in September. Blood work discovered i was a RH- patient and that was the cause of my miscarriage. So now i have a fear of pregnancy an try to catch it as soon as possible so i can get my RH shot to prevent any harm to the baby. Today i've been experiencing light cramps near the both sides of my belly button which the cramps are gone. Now i just have slight cramps at the top of my stomach and a weakness in my uterus along with some weird bleeding. MOSTLY LIGHT SPOTTING but then it will turn dark for a second but it will then go back to being light. it is NOT visible unless i wipe. i had unprotected sex with my partner 2week ago and then again 2days ago. My concern is, Is this possibly my Period?? Or Could this be implantation bleeding??


fitzgeraldkimmy - April 30

I have a similar problem to everyone here, spotting 5-7 days before period, dark brown spotting, enough to need a panty liner. Sugarplumfairy, what did your results come up with for hormones? My Dr. doesn't seem to think it's a big deal that I'm spotting but I'm going to her again in a few weeks for a pap and will ask again because I've been spotting for 5-7 days before my period for over a year now and I feel like that can't be normal. I just turned 36 and have been ttc for several months now. My periods have only been lasting 1-2 days when i get it. I've had my progesterone, FSH, estrogen, etc...all tested and everything comes back "text book" as my Dr. says, it all looks good. I even had a pelvic ultra sound to see if I had polyps or fibroids but the ultrasound came back normal too. I could live with the spotting, but I"m concerned it will effect my fertility and that's why i want so despereately to figure it out. that and I don't want it to lead to something cervical cancer. If anyone is curious as to my results in a few weeks I'd be happy to share after my next Dr. appt.


sugerplumfairy - May 15

Dear fitzgeraldkimmy,
I understand your frustration! My bloods (day 3 and day 21 - the latter was repeated just to make sure) came back 'normal'. I've also had an ultrasound to check, similar to yourself, for polyps or fibroids and mine too came back 'normal'. On my follow-up appointment with the gynae I was told 'not to worry' - that, given my blood and ultrasound results (my last smear test was recent), the spotting (which is like clockwork, always 5-7 days before my period) must be linked to the start of my period and is just 'one of those things' ... I was assured it has nothing to do with fertility. I wish you all the best with your further tests and hope we both get what we want someday soon ...


sugerplumfairy - October 29

Just an update: 6 months on and I've had review appointments at the Gynae and seen a fertility specialist. Apparently, the pre-menstrual spotting is 'just one of those things' and signals that my period is coming (usually/in most cases, the spotting happens 1-2 days before the start of a period ... for some reason - unexplained hormone changes mean that in my case the endometrium is starting to break down sooner than 'normal' and so I have spotting for 7-10 days (yes, it's gone up!) before my period). My other half has had 3 sperm analyses done - we have had conflicting assessments from our GP and the fertility clinic on reading the results of these tests (so much so that the former thinks we need IVF and the latter told us we had nothing to worry about!). So, sadly and very frustratingly, we feel still at square 1 ... We are having the fertility expert's decision reviewed and getting a second opinion also. I am due to have the HSG test too. It could be a long 'shared journey' for us ... Fitzgeraldkimmy, do you have any news?


cassandraben - June 5

My sister had gone through the white spotting, she consulted with the doctor and he gave some medication on it now she is fine, she also used to have high menstrual cramping during those days, but as per doctors advice regular exercise, is helping her out from menstrual cramps.The doctor has also recommended her to use menstrual cups to stay comfortable during menstrual periods. You may also check it from Cupissima.



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