Understanding Low Sperm Count

Hearing that you have a low sperm count is certainly not a pleasant experience. While a low sperm count doesn't indicate anything about your masculinity, many men tie these two things together in their minds. Therefore, it is important to have all the facts and to understand the origins of low sperm count. This may help you to increase your sperm count, to understand your situation and to get the treatment that you need to conceive a healthy baby.

Factors In Your Control

Low sperm count might be the result of certain behaviors that are in your control. Temporary overheating can create a low sperm count. This can be the result of a high fever, or of sauna or hot Jacuzzi use. It may also be that you place a laptop on your lap for extensive periods of time, or that you work in a location that overheats often. Another factor that you can control is substance abuse. If you are a cocaine or marijuana user, this can reduce both the number and quality of your sperm by as much as 50%! Marijuana hurts the sperm's ability to swim and it makes it harder for the sperm to penetrate the egg.

More Factors In Your Control

In addition to these issues, smoking cigarettes may also result in a low sperm count. Cigarettes hurt sperm count, and they also hurt sperm motility, sperm lifespan and other aspects of sperm health. They may cause genetic changes with the baby as well. It is also possible that the side effects of cigarette smoking are keeping you from conceiving. One interesting study in 1999 found that male smokers had lower sex drives and engaged in sex less frequently than did their peers who didn't smoke. Your diet may also influence your sperm count. If you have very low levels of vitamin C, selenium, zinc and folate, this may put you at a higher risk for sperm problems. You should certainly be eating well while trying to conceive, and meeting with your doctor or with a nutritionist if you don't know what nutrients are best for you. Obesity has also been tied to low sperm count, so make sure to eat well, to exercise and to stay within a normal weight range.

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