male infertility
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lormar - April 4

we are just in the beggining stages of everything and I feeling pretty anxious as well as nervous. We really want to have a child that is ours and not adopt or have a donor. What are our chances if my husbands sperm are all dead???[color=Purple][/color][s


amyjoy - April 6

What do you mean they are all dead? What were the results of his S/A. None were alive?


tfskat - November 15

I think you will be interested in reading the following article to understand more about sperm count and the natural remedies you can use to support you:


ziyadmehmood - January 2

I was operated when i was the age of 2 where infertility is due to only one testis, because my testis were not at actual location when i was born so they operated me & only one testis of left side was retrieved & right was not retrieved due to medically not required organ to be placed at right location. so i am married now and i am 28,my wife is 20 and i have been examined by doctors as my SA indicates that sperm count is not more than 5 million as 80% active Motile, and now asked to do icsi procedure but issue is that is that a genetical problem or is that by coincidence if i have children s via ICSI will they suffer low sperm count or any other disorder that is of greater concern please do let me


Rowena1 - January 5

Hi Lomar,
I was wondering if you were told that your that your husbands sperm are dead by a specialist.I might just have VERY good news for you.
There has been a breakthrough technological discovery in the field of carbohydrates that enables the body to correct even the effects of genetic abnormalities. The reason seems to be that your body gets back its ability to produce stem cells which you know can change into any other body cell.
I know that a few couples in America who tried to conceive for years without success, went onto a supplement of these carbos and all of them were pregnant within 9 months. One of the the reasons is that both the egg as well as the sperm is supposed to be covered with a thick layer of these sugars. That is how they find each other. Through agricultural practises over the past 50+ years we do not get these sugars into our diets any more. Our ablity to produce them out of a few we do get, is also restricted by factors like polution, stress, etc.
I have seen many miraculous recoveries even in my own son who suffered from an incurable brain disfunction ( Shizophrenia) to a child born with half a pituiry gland which was destroyed with radio active treatment,who after 3 months on the supplement (Ambrotose) started to grow (2 shoe sizes) in a very short time.
Unfortunately it is something that falls in the category of health products and most doctors are not interested or just do not have time to study research in any other fields than their own drugs.
I am telling you this because people expect their doctors to know about it and are then very dissapointed when they dont.
I I live in South Africa Please send me a note if you are interested. There is a money back garauntee over a 6 months period(terms and conditions apply)and I will help you to get hold of it. It is available in 11 countries.
Greetings, Marthie


smj - January 27

Dear all,

I am getting maile infertility problem. 04 year ago I did marraige and my age is 33 years.
I have been visited the lot of Gaynocologest, but not succeed yet.
So plz advise... we want own baby..




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