ICSI with high magnification
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lilyH - November 10

Hi There, I am on my 2nd cycle of ICSI after a recent failed cycle. My husband is azoospermic and through a TESE biopsy, the DR was able to get 6 straws. On the first cycle, I responded very well to the meds and produced 12 eggs, 10 which were mature. 6 fertilized but only had one blastocyst to transfer which resulted in BFN. Most of the eggs arrested development from day 3-5.

Again, on the 2nd cycle I responded very well and went in for ER after only 9 days of meds. This time I had 9 eggs, 8 of which were mature. We added in the high magnifiication option and from a whole straw, they were only able to find 7 good sperm! Out of the 8 eggs, 4 fertilized. I am feeling quite uneasy about only having 4 eggs on day 1, particularly from the outcome of the first cycle.

I am wondering if anyone has any positive experience with ISCI and high magnification or IMSI ( another name at some clinics ) and whether anyone has had good results from only 4 fertilized eggs?

I am 34 with no known fertility issues
Husband is 31 with non obstructive testicular failure.

Thanks x


kellystar - December 8

Hi there,
I am very interested in this thread and getting answers to the same questions as lilyH.

Me - 32yrs old
Husband - 37 yrs old
Both fit, very healthy, take all the vitamins, don't smoke, do acupuncture etc

We have done 7 egg collections, always respond well to FSH, high egg numbers (8 - 27 per cycle depending on dose), 80% fertilisation rate (ICSI), good result by day 3 (majority good looking 5-8 cells) however none make it to blastocyst. Usually only 1-2 per cycle develop past the day 3 stage but all others arrest at day 3.
In the first 5 cycles alone, we had more than 100 good looking day 3 embryos in total and only 2 ever made it to blastocyst (which resulted in BFN).

After the first 5 rounds not creating blasts, we did another cycle and transferred 2 at day 3 and got pregnant but miscarried at 7.5wks (testing on embryo came back normal - miscarriage likely due to stickly blood syndrome). Since then we have transferred another 3 lots of 2 day 3s but no success.

Husband's DNA frag (SCSA) is normal but sperm concentration, total count, motility and morphology are all below the lower reference limit and there are no normal forms - most have moderate to severe mixed head defects including many sperm with megligible or absent acrosomes the most common abnormalities.

total count 5mil
Motility 35% motile
Motility quality 32% progressive, 20% rapid, 3% nonprogressive, 65% immotile
Morphology 0% (100% head defects, 5% neck and midpiece defects, 13% tail defects)

We have seen a few doctors and most tell us it is a sperm issue however our current doctor has just told us she thinks its an egg issue which has completely confused us.

I am wondering:
Does this sound like a sperm issue?
Can 0% sperm morphology alone inhibit us from creating blasts even if the DNA frag results are normal?

Has anyone had experience with ICSI and high magnification or IMSI? Was this helpful for poor morphology?

Is there anything else we can do or should we move onto donor sperm? We thought perhaps day 3 tranfer was the key (as we had our only pregnancy on the day 3 transfer cycle) however now I'm wondering if that was just good luck and that day 3 embryo might have been another one in a hundred that made it to blast in the lab.

After 3 years we are desperate for answers.
Looking forward to a reply!
Thanks :)



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