Male Infertility Causes
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Uriah07 - September 30

Infertility is not always a female problem. Approximately 30% cases are due to male infertility, 30% female infertility and the remaining 40% unexplained causes of various factors involving both partners.

In general, the male fertility process involves the production of healthy and mature sperm and getting the sperm to reach and fertilize an egg. Some men become infertile mainly because of abnormalities and defects in the male reproductive system. The following are some common causes of male infertility.

Male infertility has many causes--from hormonal imbalances, to physical problems, to psychological and/or behavioral problems. Moreover, fertility reflects a man’s “overall” health. Men who live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to produce healthy sperm. The following list highlights some lifestyle choices that negatively impact male fertility--it is not all-inclusive:
· Smoking--significantly decreases both sperm count and sperm cell motility.
· Prolonged use of marijuana and other recreational drugs.
· Chronic alcohol abuse.
· Anabolic steroid use--causes testicular shrinkage and infertility.
· Overly intense exercise--produces high levels of adrenal steroid hormones which cause a
testosterone deficiency resulting in infertility.
· Inadequate vitamin C and Zinc in the diet.
· Tight underwear--increases scrotal temperature which results in decreased sperm production.
· Exposure to environmental hazards and toxins such as pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, radioactive
substances, mercury, benzene, boron, and heavy metals
· Malnutrition and anemia.
· Excessive stress!
Modifying these behaviors can improve a man’s fertility and should be considered when a couple is trying to achieve pregnancy.


gk - January 18


my wife and I are undergoing our first ivf attempt, hoping for embreyo transfer in March.

I am concerned with my results. I have had a few samples taken and my morphology is o-1%, I am concerend about this and my wife is too.

My count was initially over 9million that has dropped to just over 1million, my motility was 50% and this has dropped to 30%. This is very diheartening because I have been doing everything right: not drinking, non smoker, taking zinc;selenium,vit e&C suppliments. Also eating very healthily and exercing regularly (not too much).

I have not had a good drink for almost 2 months (very difficult lol), I have not been stressed out until this as I have been on holidays for a month and it has been the festive season.

I am only trying to find out other peioples expeience with 0% morphology and to find out if my sperm will increase in quality in time? i understand the sperm regenerates every 3 months so I am hoping by the day of icsi all my hard work will pay off?... oh and does accupuncture work?

Also any advise on supporting your wife trough these tough times? besides the usual; cleaning, cooking & patients etc?

I hope someone will read this and be able to help?



walian07 - April 5

A variety of disorders ranging from hormonal disturbances to physical problems, to psychological problems can cause male
infertility. Although many treatment options are now available, in many cases treatment will not work. In many instances, male
infertility is caused by testicular damage resulting in an inability of the testicle to produce sperm. Once damaged, the testicle will
not usually regain its sperm-making capabilities; this aspect of male infertility is analogous to menopause (though not natural like
menopause) for women and cannot usually be treated. Despite medicine’s limited ability to treat male infertility, many
successful treatment options are available for its many causes. Besides testicular damage, the main causes of male infertility are
low sperm production and poor sperm quality.


sophiasmith941 - December 13

Mens experiences infertility problem due top erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and Ejaculatory Incompetence.But treatments like generic viagra,generic levitra,tadalis soft tabs,tadalis etc solves these problem.

Sophia Smith


janice201149 - May 14

There a lot of herbs you can use for libido enhancement. Catuaba bark, Ashwagandha extra or Indian Ginseng, Cistanche bark and Horny goat weed


uandme0914 - May 28

We just got word that my husband's red and white blood cell counts are up which may be the sign of an infection. He also has no sperm. The doctor is now waiting for a culture to come back.

Anyone else with the same symptoms/diagnosis?



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