Antioxidants Assist Increase

Known to be part of the antioxidant grouping, vitamin C andvitamin E are essential to the maintenance of fertility in men. There is no shortage of studies to support the fact that optimal vitamin C levels help to protect the sperm's DNA from free radical damage. Vitamin C has been shown to affect the quantity of sperm in men who are healthy but infertile.

In one important study 30 men, over a period of one week, were given either a placebo, 200mg per day of vitamin C or 1000mg per day of vitamin C. At the end of the study the men who received 200mg of vitamin C per day showed a 112% increase in their sperm count; the men who received 1000mg of vitamin C per day had a 140% increase in their sperm count; and the men who were taking the placebo had no increase in sperm count.

Vitamin E also helps protect sperm's outer membrane from free radical-induced damage. One study showed that supplementation with vitamin E decreased peroxidation damage to sperm caused by free radicals and also increased sperm motility.

Keep 'Em Movin'


Zinc is an essential mineral when it comes to sperm health and optimal testosterone levels. It is implicated in almost every aspect of male reproduction, including sperm formation, sperm motility and testosterone metabolism.


Like zinc, selenium is also crucial for optimal fertility. It is considered important for sperm motility and, when combined with the antioxidant vitamins, A, C and E, men with fertility issues have been shown to have improved sperm motility.


Arginine is also connected to healthy sperm motility. An amino acid, arginine is a precursor for the molecules putrescine, spermidine and spermine, all of which are necessary for maintaining sperm motility.

By ensuring his diet is healthy and well balanced, and by supplementing vitamins, minerals and nutrients when there is a deficiency, a man takes control of his body's health and his sperm health. Healthy sperm are 50% of the equation when it comes to pregnancy.


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