Buying Fertility Drugs Online

Fertility treatment can be expensive, there's absolutely no doubt about that. Many couples need several rounds of treatment before they manage to conceive, and in the United States, insurance coverage for fertility therapies is generally limited. In many cases, treatment with oral drugs, for example, ovulation inducers such as clomid, isn't enough. Therefore couples move onto even more expensive treatments such as IUI and IVF. In addition to the cost of medications, there is the price of doctors' appointments - medical experts in the field of fertility don't come cheap. After all that, there's no guarantee that the treatment will be successful. It's little wonder then, that some couples look for ways to cut their costs. One method they often consider is purchasing fertility drugs online, from providers whose prices are lower than those of licensed, registered pharmacies in the United States.

Foreign Drugs Suppliers

A quick internet search will produce a seemingly endless list of foreign drugs suppliers who are willing to mail you fertility drugs at discount prices. Many of these suppliers may be perfectly legitimate, but the problem is that you just don't know that for certain. You have no control or guarantees about the quality of the goods they supply, the doses the drugs contain, or their methods of storing and transporting the medications. Tampering or contamination is always a risk, albeit a small one.

Compare this to your situation when you buy in the United States from a proper pharmacy: any drug you buy in a licensed US pharmacy has been approved for your use by the US Food and Drug Administration. You know that that drug has been tested, and that providing you use it in accordance with your doctor's instructions, it is safe. There are some fertility medications that carry with them a certain degree of risk no matter what. When you buy these drugs from a pharmacy on your doctor's instructions, you doctor is aware of those risks and he is monitoring you for any possible problems.

Chat Room Trade

Women like to help one another. With the very best of intentions, they get together in fertility chatrooms online and trade advice, emotional support, experiences and - fertility drugs. Some women whose treatment has been successful simply want to give others a chance, so they advertise their unused medications for sale at a reduced price, and offer to mail them to the purchaser. Let's assume, because we want to think the best of people, that no one would maliciously tamper with or contaminate drugs sold in this way - there are still the risks posed by non-professional storage and transportation.

Supplying Drugs Online

Many people are not aware that in the United States, you can be fined or put in jail for selling prescription drugs if you are not a licensed pharmacist. This law is rarely enforced, but it does exist.

Making Your Choice

Each couple trying to conceive consists of two adults who have the right to make their own decision about how they want to obtain their fertility drugs. The message here is that everyone should be aware of and consider the risks involved in purchasing from a relatively unknown and unaccountable source. Leaving the matter of buying drugs to one side, remember that it is never a good idea to take fertility medications without the knowledge of your doctor. Fertility drugs can have side effects - for your own safety, your doctor must know what you are putting into your body.

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