Tips for Powerful Positive Thinking

If you have been having a lot of negative thoughts or emotional concerns lately, it is important to practice a little bit of positive thinking. Even if it doesn’t help you to conceive, positive thinking can reduce your stress greatly and help you to enjoy your day-to-day life.

Here are some great tips to follow:

  • Avoid Thinking about the Past: It can be tempting at times to dwell on decisions you should have made or actions that you should have taken. But by dwelling on the past you are only fostering more negativity and self-blame. Do your best to stop yourself from thinking about past actions and instead focus on the present.
  • Confront Your Negative Thoughts: When negative thoughts and feelings arise, you may feel like running away or even hiding from them. But it is important to confront these feelings so that they don’t have power over you. Question your thoughts and emotions and find out if they are really valid.
  • Focus on Today: During infertility treatments, you may feel like you are constantly preparing for the future, and this can lead you to forget about the present. Instead, work to reconnect with your present life – take up a new hobby or skill, or visit with friends – and give your past and future a little break.



Table of Contents
1. Think Positive!
2. Thinking Positive Thoughts?
3. Tips for Positive Thinking
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