Evaluate Your Pocketbook

Finally, consider how much money you are willing to spend on the adoption. This may sound strange - but it's a fact about the adoption process.

Sometimes, you'll be able to find a young woman who is willing to give up her unborn baby if you can cover all of her medical expenses. Other times, you'll need to factor in travel expenses to a foreign country and other lengthy and expensive legal issues in obtaining the child.

These are all important issues and ones that you'll need to think about before meeting with your adoption agency or lawyer.

Write It All Down

Before going to meet with an adoption agency or lawyer, write down all of your requests, limitations, goals and ultimatums. Be as clear as possible with your expectations, your time limits, your monetary abilities and your hopes.

The more clear that you are with your goals, the more the agency or lawyer will understand where you stand and the easier it will be able for them to help you to reach these goals.

Make sure, before starting the adoption process, that you are completely comfortable with this decision. This may not be how you envisioned your family looking when you were a child, or even when you got married. However, this is your reality and one that can turn out to be a wonderful situation.

Most people who have adopted will tell you that they simply can't imagine how they ever lived without this person in their lives - and that this person is the child that was meant to be with them. Hold this idea in your heart as you start on this exciting, although admittedly scary, experience.

Table of Contents
1. Adoption Decisions
2. Your adoption goals
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