Interestingly enough, studies have also indicated that if the male partner smokes, it can also have a negative effect on IVF.  The research doesn't know if this is due to damage to the sperm, or to a negative reaction that the smoking might pose to the egg and embryo; nevertheless, it does show that smoking negatively influences the efficacy of IVF for the man and woman.

Give Up the Cigarettes for Fast Results

One of the most significant findings in all of this research is the clear and easy effect that giving up smoking can have on fertility.  One study indicated that, a year after giving up smoking, the ex-smokers did not take a longer time to become pregnant than did the women who had never smoked.  This is very significant. 

If you're hoping to become pregnant, there are many lifestyle changes that you can implement to increase your chances.  Saying goodbye to cigarettes is one of these lifestyle changes that can dramatically and quickly influence your chances of holding a beautiful baby. 

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1. Smoking and Infertility
2. If he smokes, kick the habit!
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