The 2 week wait symptoms
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Briana143 - July 21

I wish you all the luck Reed613 and Busya26 I just had 2 IUI's done on the 7/19 & 7/20, and now that waiitng begins I a nervous and exicited all at the same time!! I hope everything goes well for all of us!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!!


Busya26 - July 21

Hi Ladies,
Unfortunately, I had my test done today and it was negative. It was my third cycle.... :'( My praying wasn't heard by anybody.


bdantonio - July 22

busya it will happen i know it is hard. I will pray for you


Busya26 - July 22

Dear Bdantonio,
Thank you so much for your Encouragement, I really do appreciate it. Right now it is very difficult to think otherwise and to stay positive....I have only two embies left for the next cycle, and I don't know if they will survive the thawing process...What if they don't.... :(
I am just thinking what I was doing wrong...Were you flat for the first 3 days after the transfer? Were you stayed in bed for more days? Did you had any diet during the 2 ww?
I just do not understand why my embies wouldn't implant? What was wrong :( Please help.....and congrats to everybody who had positive results and I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy.... I don't believe I would ever hear my re calling me and saying "Busya, I have a great news for you..." I don't believe I would ever know how it feels to be pregnant....


Briana143 - July 22

Hey Busya I am sorry about what happened I will keep you in my prayers, and I know that God will get you through this with a beautiful Baby!!!

I am going to the Dr's on the 24th for a hormone level test then I have to wait until 08/04 for the PT I am excitied and scared, but at the end I just know that it is God's will to give me a baby, it's just up to him as to when!!!

Keep your head up ladies and your prayers sincere!!!


bdantonio - July 23

busya i do know how upset you are. Not only did i do the infertility thing i went though 5 miscarriages so i always wondered what i did wrong. I am lucky and do now have 2 beautiful girls, however i never found out y i lost any of them or why i cant concieve naturally. so i understand the questioning if its your fault. Like i siad i will pray for your miracle.


TeamH - July 23

I am 5dpiui and taking Estradiol and progesterone suppositories. Has anyone else experienced cramping? I feel super bloated and fat, with cramps, almost like I am going to get my period but it is too soon for that. I am hoping that this is not a negative sign. Still another week and a half before I POAS.


Briana143 - July 23

TeamH Don't worry I am the same way now due to the medication I am convinced that I gained 40pds. LOL but all you have to think about is even if this isn't the one, it will happen soon enough just keep your head up and pray hard, it will all be ok!!


TeamH - July 24

So last night I had the most bizarre cramps. I can't even really explain what they were like only to say that I had not had them before. I know I am over analyzing everything.

Briana - I know it will happen for me. I am definitely confident about that. The anxiety for me is when and after how many procedures. This was my first IUI so I am trhing to stay level headed about the whole thing. But even though it is the first IUI I still have hope.


JamieP - July 25

Hi Everyone,
I am about to start my 2ww. I had my ER yesterday and will have ET on Sunday. They got 13 eggs - 9 of which were mature. 8 fertilized normally so just have my fingers crossed they will grow nicely over the next couple of days. I have had slow growers in the past but my last cycle was good so I hope that these ones will grow normally.



bdantonio - July 27

jamie everyone is on the desperately waiting


Ianmichael3 - July 28

yep, I am in the middle, but am not going through any ART yet. I spotted on day 16, but have been using the clearblue easy FM. I'm bummed and don't know what to think. I had a uterine polyp removed on 3/25 and have been trying since then. We have been TTC sinc 7/07, so I have to concentrate REALLY hard on only counting the attempts since 4/08 :( If I can be hopeful, then maybe it was implantation. If so, what would anyone suggest as a good time to try an EPT?? I'm new on here and this is my 1st response/post, so if there's another forum that would apply to me, please let me know, THANKS!!


JamieP - July 29

Hi lanmichael3. I am not sure what clearblue easy FM is? I am sure as long as you have had no hormones etc you can try the EPT as soon as it says you can on the box. I will do a HPT either Monday or Tuesday (if I can wait that long) next week.



Ianmichael3 - July 29

UGH. ???I keep going over my calendar, just to give me something to do. My average cycle length runs 25-27 days, so maybe day 21..... OH, I don't know! I'm too afraid to do one because I'll be disappointed. Clearblue easy fertility monitor..... tells you when you're fertile :-*

Well, we'll see how patient I can be. It's just day 20 :(


Ianmichael3 - July 30

ok, so today is day 20.... what if my cycle this time is only 25 days.... does anyone have an opinion of when they would use a HPT???? I was really hoping someone would have responded :(


Zippy - July 30

I don't know if this will help you, but they say that you can detect HcG hormone 10 days after a 5 day transfer, if that helps you at all. Transfer date is usually Cycle Day one, so if you're at 20 you should definitely be able to get an EPT and see something. Call the 800 number (take your cell to the pharmacy) and ask what level of HcG hormone their test picks up. Many are different. I should have made a note of the brands, but some measure at 25, some measure at 50, and some measure at 100. All of which are considered "pregnant," but if your HcG level is around 50 and you take a test that only reads levels of over 100, you're going to get a disappointing negative.

Does that help?



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