The 2 week wait symptoms
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tmayac - June 6

Hi meg, glad your here your right about this site it's great!!


Meggemd - June 9

Hi tmayca,

When is your Beta? I believe you transfered a day after me. Mine is soon and I am going crazy. I have been very nauseous - started early this morning about 2am and I also had a pretty bad headache. I don't know if it means anything but I hope it is a good sign and not just the heat here in NY!

Baby dust to you - Meg


tmayac - June 11

Meg , sorry i took so long to reply I've decided to stop driving myself crazy!so i haven't been logging on as much and looking for signs and symptoms!!!
We did the transfer on June 4th . how about you? I was also feeling nausea on monday afternoon thought it was because I was hungry. I think the headaches are from all the hormones we been taking.


Meggemd - June 11

Hi tmayac -

I have been trying this time not to over analyze every little twinge. It is hard not to. I think you are right about the headaches.

My transfer was on the 2nd. My beta is on Friday the 13th of all days. I am hoping for some good news! I am not sure how much more bad news I can take. Is your beta on the 15th? or does your office make you wait til Monday the 16th for pregnancy tests? Mine does if it fell on a weekend.

Good luck, Meg


tmayac - June 11

Unfortunately I have to wait it out until Monday the 16th :(


Meggemd - June 12

I broke down just now and took a test - it was a BFN! I hope that it is just too soon to tell. I am really upset that I took it.


tmayac - June 14

Does anyone know if progesterone suppositories and estrogen patches can cause youto have a positive urine pregnancy test . I did 2 and they were both positive but I am not sure if the drugs can cause this.


HeatherT - June 15

Meg - I did the same thing this morning and got the same results. At first I was really upset but I realize now it's quite early to be testing. I would normally start my cycle on or about Wed. They did the transfer on the 5th and it was a day 2 transfer. Last night I was awoken with cramps but no bleeding which never happens for me. I always bleed before I cramp, so I'm hopeful this is a good sign. I have the swollen breasts an tender nipples some women have and tension/mild cramping in the lower abdomen. Personally, I'm not going to take another HPT and will wait until I go in for my test. Don't fret too much about the BFN! - Heather


bdantonio - June 15

the progestrone and estrongen will not effect the test but did u do a trigger shot and if so how long ago


tmayac - June 15

I'm not sure what u mean trigger shot ? I took an hcg shot on May 30th before the retrival.


HeatherT - June 15

That's the trigger shot. I understand that the HCG can give a false positive pregnancy result. Some people say it's out of your system within 48 hours and others say it could still show up 12 or more days later.


bdantonio - June 15

i took my hpt ten days after my trigger shot and got bfp and i was i was told by mr re that not to take an hpt till at least 9 days afterwards


tmayac - June 16

Well tomorrow (6/16 ) in the am I go for the blood test . I had two positive urines over the weekend. We're praying that tomorrow will bring the same, I will let you know :)


tmayac - June 16

Great news!!!!!!! I am BFP , we are so excited. :)


bdantonio - June 16



HeatherT - June 16

Yes, Congratulations!



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