Extra Problems

Adopted children may need more patience and understanding from you as they adjust to your home.  Sleeping may be more difficult as first.  When children get tired, they become less trusting, and they may act out more at this time. 

Be understanding

Your routines may also be different from what they are used to and you need to give them time to adjust.  Be patient and understanding.  Just because a child wants you to sit by him as he falls asleep at first, doesn't mean he will ask you to do this for the next year! 

Let your child express himself

Let your child communicate about his past experiences and his past home.  Don't try to push away these experiences.  As the child becomes more dependent on you, his attachment to you will grow.  He will learn to trust with time and to know that he's in a safe environment.

See your home though his eyes

When you bring a baby or child home, try to think like him. See your home through his eyes.  Things that seem normal to you may be strange to him. 

Be patient

Don't take his behavior personally; rather try to slowly guide the child towards better behavior and understand his needs.  You can't spoil an adopted baby or child when they first arrive at your home.  Be patient - and know that your work will pay off in the end!


Table of Contents
1. Adjusting After Adoption
2. Bringing baby home
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