Shared Experiences

When you are experiencing infertility problems, it is common to feel isolated and alone. You may feel as though your family and friends don't understand what you are going through and even talking with your partner about your "problem" fills you with anxiety.

In this section you will find tales of inspiration, stories filled with humor, and much needed advice and guidance from people who have been there and done that. You can even find some words of wisdom for your friends and family who may not realize that they are not always being sensitive to you. All of the articles in this section have been written by other people who have had to deal with infertility themselves. Take solace in their words. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Share their experiences.

Finally, if you are interested in contributing your own infertility story, whether it is an inspirational tale, witty reflection or supportive advice, follow these guidelines and share your experience.


Some info on Infertility medications by Donald d

doesnt understand by latoya

Have with to GOD...He will do the best by AB Younis

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still hopeful by dez

--- by Heather Bishara

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Unexplained Infertility by Amanda G

Hope on Jesus by Sonny

IUI Attempt by Tulip

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A Rocky Road to Beautiful Twins! by Tonya Sheats

Being a Step-Mum and Facing Infertility by Elisette

Infertility and Aftershocks by Patricia Irwin Johnston

Infertility Over 35 by C.Y. Dillstein

For Anyone Having Doubts by Nancy O'Malley

Childfree by Choice by Anonymous

A Letter to Family and Friends......... by Jody Earle

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Infertility Sniglets by Rebecca Smith Waddell and Lisa A. Kramer

Words of Wisdom by Shannon Jones

Options and Choices by Anonymous

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