They're drugs and they have side effects

Gonadotropins are drugs and, as with any type of drug treatment, there are side effects.

Weight gain, bloating

Many people have a hard time injecting themselves and other frequent and common effects of using this drug include weight gain, bloating, fluid retention and abdominal tenderness.

There have been improvements made which have provided purer gonadotropins such as Gonal F and Follistim. These drugs have fewer side effects and may be injected under the skin using smaller needles.

Multiple Births

Another effect of using fertility drugs is the very real possibility of a multiple birth. It can be a mixed blessing in that there are more babies to love and at the same time the risk of miscarriage is multiplied. Fertility treatments are intense and draining.

It is important to have as much support as possible during the process. The success rates are constantly climbing as new and better drugs are being developed.


Table of Contents
1. Ovulation Stimulating Drugs
2. Expect to gain wieght
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