Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important times to eat a nutritious and healthy diet. Your baby is counting on you for all of those vitamins, minerals, and calories that are essential to his growth. And you also need to eat well in order to keep your own strength up and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Though it can be challenging, eating a healthy diet for pregnancy is the one of the best ways to ensure that your baby is born in good health and ready to be an active part of the world.

Why Follow A Pregnancy Diet?
It is important to follow a good pregnancy diet when you are expecting because it is designed to meet your baby’s special needs while she is developing. Extra vitamins and minerals help your baby form healthy bones, teeth, skin, and organs. Extra calories help her to gain the weight she needs to prepare for delivery. Your pregnancy diet will also help you to maintain your strength, avoid fatigue, and prevent your baby from taking too many stored vitamins from your own body.

Eating for Two?
Though it may seem like a time to cut loose and eat whatever you want, you aren’t actually eating for two separate people. In fact, you really only need a little bit extra to help to supplement your baby’s development. (This means you should try to avoid eating two entrées with dinner every night).

It is suggested that expectant mothers add about 100 calories to their diet in pregnancy during the first trimester, and about 300 calories during the second and third. This would look like an extra nutritious snack, including a piece of fruit, yogurt, and a slice of bread, or its equivalent. Don’t worry about indulging now and then – you should treat yourself when you feel like it – just don’t go overboard too often.

Vitamins and Minerals
A healthy diet for pregnancy includes vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential to you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. They are responsible for helping your baby to grow, keeping your placenta healthy, and for satisfying your own body’s nutritional needs. You will need a little bit extra when it comes to vitamins and minerals in order to satisfy your pregnancy nutrition needs.

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