Naturopathic Health Tips

1. Limit alcohol

Also, naturopathy doctors advise that individuals limit their consumption of alcohol, which can impact levels of the hormone prolactin; this can be beneficial in cases of female infertility because prolactin plays an important role in regulating menstrual cycles.

2. Quit smoking

Naturopathy also advises lifestyle changes which are beneficial to any infertility treatment plan. Quitting smoking is one such recommendation, since smoking reduces blood flow to the cervix as well as decreases the activity of the cilia (the tiny hair-like structures found at the end of the fallopian tubes which guide the egg toward the uterus), both of which can delay conception.

3. Avoid toxins and pesticides

Also, discouraging exposure to toxins (found in glue, paints, household cleaners and aerosol sprays) and pesticides (commonly used in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables) is another way in which naturopathy helps to treat infertility. This is because these substances affect progesterone and estrogen levels.

4. Watch your weight

Promoting a healthy weight is another benefit of naturopathy, particularly in instances of female infertility. A woman needs to maintain 17 to 20% of her body weight as fat in order o menstruate and ovulate regularly. Being either underweight or overweight can affect a woman’s fertility.


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