The 2 week wait symptoms
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JENNY22074 - March 19

Hello everyone...It looks like the time has come for Gabriel to be born...FINALLY....We went to the doctor yesterday and he is almost 8 pounds and measuring 38 weeks and 5 days along...I was 38 weeks yesterday...So to not let him get to much bigger and possibly cause delivery complications the docotr is going to induce me next week...I don't have the day yet but we will know tomorrow what day they are going to induce me next week...So at some point next week I will finally see our baby boy and get to hold and kiss him...Such a long journey we have been on but was all worth it!!!!...I will let you know what date it will be on Sunday when I am at my mom's once again and able to utilize her computer...Take care....


RB - March 23


I just wanted to wish you a safe delivery and Gabriel a safe journey! I can just imagine how anxious you must be to finally hold him in your arms. my thoughts and prayers are with you both.



JENNY22074 - March 24

Hello everyone...I am getting ready to go to my final doctor's appointment...It looks like if he doesn't come on his own in the next few days I will be induced on Friday the 28th between 6am and 8am...I am so excited and just want everyday to be the day...So we are finally at the end of our journey...What a great way to be ending our almost 10 year journey to parenthood...All you other ladies that are waiting or just starting...DON'T EVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!!...MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!

How is everyone else doing?


JENNY22074 - March 24

Today was my last doctor's appointmnet and we have our set schedule now for Friday...I have to be there by 6:15am and my induction will start at 6:30am...My doctor chose Friday since he is in labor and delivery all that day...So we will be letting you know when he arrives...Talk to you soon


Marina - March 24

Jenny,I wish you luck on Friday!Finally!
We'll wait for the news,let us know how everything went.I'm very happy for you!


RB - March 24


Best of luck to you and Gabriel on Friday...i'll be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing about his grand arrival!

Good luck and God Bless!



JasJulesMom - March 27

Reshema How are you feeling any major symptoms?


LA - March 29

Hello ladies. This is my firs time posting. I have read most of the posts and feel like I know you all and can relate to everyone.

My transfer was 3/21/08 and my blood test is 4/1/08...I know, April Fools Day!


bdantonio - March 29

Hey everyone update on Jenny: She had the baby tody at 9:24 m hes 7lbs 15oz dont know the height yet ill let you know when i know. They are both doing great. Hes eating ad all. She is doing good with breast feeding soo far. Ill update everyone as i find out more.

As for me and angelina we are great to


RB - March 31

Hi LA,

Welcome and good luck on Tuesday! Here's hoping for a BFP!!! :)



RB - March 31

JasJulesMom...mild nausea occasionally, frequent trips to bathroom and craving for spicy food, usually followed by tums!!!:D

I also noticed yesterday that my tummy is a bit bloated and i am also experiencing some other physical signs which may be TMI to share publicly :) Otherwise, i'm doing great..dont feel sick but i do get tired quite easily. What about you? How are you doing and when is your next visit?



JENNY22074 - May 14

Thank you so much for keeping everyone informed about me Beth...You were great to help out so much with me not having a computer up and running...However now I do have one so I can keep in touch...Gabriel is doing great...I can;t believe he turned 6 weeks on Saturday...Time sure does fly...He is beautiful and has a great disposition...He doesn't fuss much and has been sleep 4-6 hours in between bottles since we came home from the hospital...I have been blessed...

My birth story...Well I went in originally on Friday the 28th of March at 6:30 in the morning to be induced...They were so crowded that they sent all the scheduled c-sections and inductions home until 21 people could be discharged from the post partum unit and the ones in labor and delivery could be sent to the post partum unit...It was crazy...Well then at 1:30pm that same day I got a call to tell me to come back in at 3:30pm...So when we got back there they took me right in and at 4:30 they started the pitocin and I was 2cm at that point...They also broke my bag of waters and put a monitor on Gabriel's head to monitor his heartbeat because of my excess skin they were not able to get his heartbeat to register with the external monitor...Let me just say that that whole ordeal HURT!!!!...So a few hours later I got my epidural and was relaxing...My left side kept getting more and more numb because that was the side that I was laying on so he could better tolerate the contractions that I was having...So at around 6:30am they cheked me and I was 9cm and then shift change happened so they did not check me again until around 8:30am and I was 10cm and could start pushing...Well after about an hour of pushing Gabriel came out at 9:27am and weighed in at 7lbs 15ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long...He was wide awake and stayed that way until they took him to the nursery to get his first bath...Now my little man is 12lbs 2 ounces and almost 22 inches long...He loves to eat and it shows...I would love to send you all pictures...Anyone interested just drop me an email and I will send you his shutterfly album...

Well enough about me...How is everyone else...I have sooo missed you all!!!...Looking forward to catching up


tmayac - June 4

hi everyone i've been here before in January and found everyone suportive and communicating with others going through similar situations was very helpful during the 2 week wait... This is our 2nd IVF cycle tomorrow we are transferring 2 embyos.


Marina - June 4

Jenny-I didn't get a chance to congratulate you since you are not here very often-CONGRATS ,girl!!! :-*And a HUGE hug!!!!I wish you all the best for you and your family!Stop by sometime ,we are all now at the different tread-"sounding board-IVF anyone?"Send me phoyos,my e-mail <[email protected]>?I'd love to see your little prince Gabriel :) :) :)
welcome again,I hope this time around you'll get your little miracle.Feel free to join us on that other tread.A few girls,including me,have our FET in June,so-join in!We have a wonderful group of women there,feels like a family. :)


Meggemd - June 4

Hi all -

This is my second go around for the two week wait. I had a failed cycle back in October. I had my transfer on Monday - 2 excellent quality embies! My beta is on Friday the 13th of all days. I found this site very comforting last time. Good luck to all.

Take care, Meg


tmayac - June 6

Hi meg, glad your here your right about this site it's great!!



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