I want to be a surrogate??
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lil_lady - January 2

Hi, My name is Stephanie and I think i want to be a surrogate. But I am not sure how to get myself into it. I am 23 years old. I don't smoke, drink, and have never done drugs. I have two successful pregancies of my own. I gave birth to a lil girl in August of 2005 and a lil boy in January 2007. Both were by c-section but both were very healthy babies. I myself do not want any more children, but would like to make dreams poosible for another family. I had thought about getting my tubes tied and then I thought about how selfish it would be to take the chance at life away from a child that could bring another couple as much happiness as my two have brought to me. And so I decided not to. My husband and I have talked and we have agreed to try to help out another family. But I don't want any money. I don't feel putting a price on something like this should be of a priority and so I don't want to go through those clinics that charge people money. I know that people need that money for diapers and wipes and much more precious things. So my question is I suppose is: where do I go to put myself out there-So families can see what I have to offer?


bdantonio - January 9

lil_lady i believe a fertility cinic is your best way. Even though you dont want to charge. The biological parents are still responsible for medical costs and would have to go through a clinic anway. You dont have to charge a fee, if you dont wan but they could get you in contact with people who at the point of surrogency. What sttate do you live in?


anusha - May 13

I suggest you to visit the website surrogatemother.com You can connect with other Surrogate Mothers and get information. Good site to visit.


appleboy - August 6

I am thinking about surrogate if we cannot. I tried and tried. feel so tired.
Just could not afford it


bdantonio - August 8

appleboy can u not concieve or carry or what? What state are you in?


mjforney - October 8

How wonderful of you Stephanie! You are such a wonderful woman to be so thoughtful for others.... Good luck.



kjw - January 25


i am 41 married 7 years and have had 8 miscarriages all naturally conceived, one failed ivf and now have 4 eggs from 2nd ivf and not sure what to do. surrogacy has been suggested but it is not financially possible. if you are serious - please email me at kwilson1212 at yahoo.com

god bless.


Wetried - January 29

Hi Stephanie,
Your unselfishness is unbelievable. You are so wonderful. I am 33 years old and my husband and I have tried two IVF cycles with no success. I have just found out that I am in full menopause, and have no chance of having my own children. Please contact me if you are still thinking of undertaking such an adventure. Also where are you located? I can not think of anything that would make my husband happier as he is desperate for children. Please contact me so we can talk further off line. Thanks Nadine


narilar - March 2

Surrogacy in Kharkov.
The International Surrogate Motherhood Center is a team of qualified specialists whose main objective is to realize the dream of a married couple to have their own child, when the reproductive function of one or both spouses is perturbed. The center coordinates all the program participants; genetic parents, surrogate mother, specialists and the medical reproduction clinic, "Sana-Med." The center specialists: psychologists, legal experts, translators, curators, couriers, managers, are all there for achieving a common purpose - the birth of your healthy child.


narilar - March 2


International Center for Surrogate Motherhood proudly announces that our program is now open to citizens of the United States who wish to build their family through international surrogacy. In order to serve the needs of couples in the United States International Center for Surrogate Motherhood will be collaborating exclusively with International Surrogacy Partners (ISP).International Surrogacy Partners is a subsidiary organization of Partners for Adoption, a well known adoption agency, with 25 years of experience placing orphan children both domestically and internationally. International Surrogacy Partners (ISP) is the only agency in the U.S. authorized to assist intended families who wish to work with our International Surrogate motherhood Center in Ukraine. ISP will collaborate with our clinic, attorneys, and surrogate mothers throughout the whole process. International Center for Surrogate Motherhood will work in tandem with ISP to provide our mutual clients with the most comprehensive selection of donors and surrogate mothers available.


surrogatemother - March 4

hi nadine
My name is Katie Knowles and I am hoping to be a surrogate mother for a good couple who are wanting a chilled to add to there family I have not been a surrogate be for but I have taken months to think about it carefully, and also am willing to make any changes for the baby’s best growth. I have never smoked drunk alcohol and I have never taken any illegal drugs of any sort.
I would love to speak to anybody who is series no time wasters pleas.
I will look forward to be contacted


jlogee - April 3

i am a very good person and want to help some to get a chance of being a family I want to be a surragate


sshaw67 - June 25

we are looking for a surrogate. where are you from?


willaford16 - June 30

hello stephanie.

my name is vanessa.

me and my husband have been trying to concieve for two years now.i just found out i canno't have a baby.im heart broken.besides the fact i cant.my father has lung cancer.and my grandparents aren't getting younger by the second. so in my heart my husband is my everything.but something is missing.something to fill the void in my heart.and i believe we believe it would be a child im ready to be a great mother.i wanted a girl but it doesn't matter aslong as the child is healthy.please let me know if you could help us.i know you said money wasn't needed.but i would still like to atleast donate some to you and your kids. and thank you from the bottom of my heart. i have an e-mail address you may contact me at anytime is willaford5475826 at aol.com we are located in florida.but we can arrange to fly anywhere in the us.or even outside.please let me know


Vanessa Lopez


mandalovely - October 7

my name is amanda, and i am interested in becoming a surrogate. if there are any couples out there interested, please reply back! id love to help a loving couple build the family they have always wanted!



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