Need help in moving forward!
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Tanya1231 - June 7

After several failed IVF cycles we have decided to do a donor embryo transfer. The last IVF cycle ended with only two eggs for transfer and a chemical pregnancy. After this cycle my RE said that we will more than likely never acheive a pregnancy using my own eggs. we thought about donor eggs but that just does not feel right to us. After much thought we have decided that embryo donation is the route for us.
My RE will do the transfer but I have to find the embryos. The other local clinics have very very long wiating lists. So...if anyone out there has any thoughts or suggestions I would really appreciate it.


bdantonio - June 7

do u possibly have a friend or family member willing to donate


Tanya1231 - June 8

No, I sure do wish I did!


bdantonio - June 9

try posting on the surgoncy page


Marina - June 11

Tanya,try ask people on this site who already had their babies and dont plan on keeping their frozen embies any longer.In most cases labs just discard leftover embryos.I have my FET on Friday and if I get PG and make it to the end with alive baby,I'm done having kids and we'll have 3 more embryos left,all very good quality frozen at blast stage.If you won't find anybody earlier to donate their embryos,you can count on me.


bmm - June 11

google 'snowflake adoption'
i remember seeing this organization on tv a few yrs ago. best of luck to you.


Tanya1231 - June 11

Oh Marina. That is so nice of you! If I am still looking then I will take you up on that.I hope this works out for you. How many did you transfer? Sending you TONS of baby dust!


Marina - June 11

Tanya,I had fresh cycle back in November,got PG from the first try with only one embryo,it was my choice(I was afraid of twins).Everything was good until 16 weeks,than I lost the baby.We have 6 frozen embies left,frozen in single,2embies and 3 embies.Since this time everybody insists put 2,we are going to thow 1 and 2 and pick the best 2 for the transfer on Friday.So I have 3 left.I know how you feel and I'd like to help you if it's possible.My e-mail in my profile on this web site,so you can always e-mail me.


Marina - June 15

Tanya-just want you to know,unfortunately none of my 6 perfect embryos idn't make it.We were in shock,absolutely positive that was a mistake done by lab while freezing/thawing them.
Well,we are going to do something about that,but I just leting you know,that you can't count on me anymore.Sorry hon,and good luck!


Tanya1231 - June 15

Marina-I am so sorry for your loss. What did you clinic say, did they have an explanation? Will you do another fresh cycle? Again, I am so sorry. Keep me posted and I will do the same.


Marina - June 21

Unfortunately we did not find anything new on why my embryos didn't survive,my RE was trying to convince us,that from what he know ,the lab didn't make a mistake,but admits that this is very strange.
I saw you were selling Follistim,did you sell it?
We are starting a new cycle in July,I'm looking for Follistim and Menopure,unfortunately we hardly can afford it,still don't know where we are going to get the money,at least I'm trying to find meds as cheap as I can,but i'm afraid to buy them from the site,only people I know.Girls from our little circle try to help me with some meds,but they don't really have what i need-the most expencive ones .
How are you doing,any luck on finding donor enbryos yet?


Tanya1231 - June 21

I am so glad you are going to do another fresh cycle!
I am sorry, I do not have any meds left over. I have not found any embryos YET. But I have to believe that it will happen. Good luck to you!


Marina - June 21

Thanks!The same to you!Hopefuly it'll happen sooner than later!


Lostandwhy33 - June 19

Hi I am new to this and I really want to know if you found an embryo?



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