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Clear Passage Physical Therapy - December 21

Hello All,

I would like to share with you the successes we have had with our patients from Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Our clinic has been treating scarred, blocked, and adhered fallopian tubes for over twenty years. Studies and citations in several respected medical journals cite our success in this area. We have also witnessed quite a bit of success in women who have come to us with hydrosalpinx in one or both tubes. In these cases, the hydrosalpinx clears, followed by a full-term pregnancy. Some of these women then had a second pregnancy and birth after the first. All of our therapy for hydrosalpinx is performed without surgery or drugs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank You From,
Clear Passage Physical Therapy


boo - March 1


I also have a hydrosalpinx in my left Fallopian tube and have fell pregnant twice between 2008 and 2012. Unfortunately both these pregnancies resulted in mc at 6 weeks. I am under a specialist at ACU where I was starting IUI treatment in October. On the day of my treatment I had a scan and this is when they saw the hydrosalpinx and decided they need to operate before I have any treatment as the hydro increases the chance of ectopic or mc. They can't say what caused my previous mc but these were more than likely a result of the hydro! I was due to have my operation next week to have my tube clipped to stop any fluid building up, then I'm able to start my treatment! However last week much to my surprise I found out I was pregnant again during my pre op assessment! I went in to shock then panic as I knew this hydro had not been fixed! Just as quick as I found out I started bleeding and knew what to expect and unfortunately I have lost this baby! I suppose what I'm trying up say is there is hope out there for people with hydrosalpinx as I've fell pregnant 3 times, there is a chance a woman can carry full term but chance of mc and ectopic is increased which can be dangerous to any of us so I would say its definitely worth having the hydro treated before fertility treatment! I've heard of woman carting full term as they've had their tube drained during egg retrieval when having IVF! I've chose to have mine clipped and fingers crossed all goes ok! I wish you all the best for the future and hope all goes ok :)



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