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sunny72 - January 10

Hi again. That is my confusion about Hydrosalpinx. Not to embarrase others or judge, but they say a lot of hydros are a result of STD's etc.. I have never had one that I know of and I can't imagine how that could of happened to me personally. So I don't know how I would have had a PID? I would like to know more about it.


Praying4baby - January 10

I know, what you mean, its a touchy subject, but you're right about STD's being a major cause of hydros. But my RE said he has also seen alot of women who have a hydro due to endometriosis or previous abdominal surgery and their other tube is fine. But its probably tough to say for certain what the cause of it is unless you know for sure that you were infected at some point in your life since alot of women don't show any symptoms of STD's like chlamydia.


sunny72 - January 12

Hey praying4baby or others. For years I have had constant pelvic discomfort. I originally had my laproscopy to rule out endometriosis. They didn't find any. During ovulation and obviously before menstruating I am varying degrees of pain. I have pretty much two weeks of discomfort. I base this on asking friends and family and they say it doesn't sound normal to them. I am wondering if the hydro condition could be the cause of part of the cause. Do you have a similar situation.


Praying4baby - January 12

I usually have ovulation pain (mittelschmerz I think they call it) when I ovulate on my left side (no pain on my right side with the hydro) and sometimes I might have some mild cramping on the day of ovulation. But from what my doc says, that is normal. Other than that, I may have cramping a couple days preceeding menstruation, but its pretty mild and not constant. I'm sorry to hear that you're in constant pain for 2 weeks! I have heard of some women with large hydros experiencing pain bad enough to visit the ER but I thought that was more of a sudden onset of pain localized to one side. Have you told your doctor about this? Maybe you have adhesions from your hydros which may be connected to your bowel or other organs? I would definitely ask your doctor about it. No one should have to be in pain for 2 weeks every month!


gold - January 16

i was just recently diagnosed with a hydro on my left side. prior to finding this out i was preparing for a tubal reversal in march of 2007. i would like to find out about the rate of a successful pregnancy if anyone knows.


sunny72 - January 16

Hi Gold,

The only pregnancy rate information that I can find is based on IVF results, for instance:

It has been shown that implantation rate is markedly reduced (about 50%), and the miscarriage rate is increased. These effects substantially reduced the pregnancy and take-home baby rates.

:( >:( ??? :-[ :'(


destinybaby - February 6

Hi Everyone,

I am a new member of this group (hydro) I am 34 had one miscarriage last January and just last friday my HSG show that I my tubes are hydro. I am very scared because I have not heard any success story about who had a baby with this condition. my DH and I had been trying for a year since the the m/c. Anyway any kind of advise would help. Thanks.


Orchard - February 24

I too was diagnosed with hydro - both sides. However, my right tube is in worse condition. I'm very concerned with this diagnosis. My DH and I have been TTC for two years. During these two years, I've had trans vag ultrasounds, regular ultrasounds, and a HSG. I was never told about this. My HSG came out normal or as the doctor said "All Clear." Now, after a lap I'm told I have hydro...it doesn't look good. I have never had an STD. However, I did have a ruptured appendix when I was 9. My doc said that this, along with the surgery that was necessary, is what caused the hydro. I'm torn apart. This is so difficult. At this point I refuse to remove my tubes. My doctor said my only option is to remove both and go through IVF....


destinybaby - February 24

Hi Orchard,

I am so sorry to hear that. I know your struggles. You may not need to get rid of your tubes to do IVF. My RE said that during the ER he would prick my tubes with the needle to release the fluid and if the pregnancy is successful then there is no need to worry if the fluid will come back because it won't.

so what you are saying is the did the lap and did not do anything with your tubes at all? I am finding more success stories of pregnancies with women who had hydrosalpinx tubes. IVF is our only option. with if you look at it from a different angle is not so bad. ok so the tubes are need to carry the eggs so as long as you can produce quality eggs you should be fine. How old are you if you don't mind.

Get yourself a new RE and a second opinion. There is hope for me and there is hope for you.



Orchard - February 24

Hi Tia,

thank you very much for the response. Unlike you, I have not found any successful stories...can you share the sites with me?

You mentioned that your RE will prick your tubes to remove the liquid...so will you and your DH attempt to conceive narurally or will you go through IVF soon after the lap? I think that this is a great step to take before removal of the tubes. Please keep me updated...I would love to hear that you succeeded and crossed this barrier. This will most definitely give me hope.

I don't mind you asking my age; I'm 26 and hoping that some day I'll have a baby in my arms.



destinybaby - February 25

Hi Orchard,

I was told that my hydro are not that big and I do not need to remove my tubes. That is think is very drastic so if i were you would get a second opinion.

I was told my only option is IVF. I would not be doing a lap. I actully found out that my tubes are blocked after my HSG exam. so my RE explained that on the day of the egg removal which they use a tiny object to do that. he would also prick the tubes to release the fluid after they remove the eggs in the same procedure. and then 3 days later will be egg transplant. if and when i do become pregnant the fluid does not come back.

Fluid is formed every month from the secretion in the tubes when you ovilate ours stays because our tubes have blockage.

You do not need a lap to do egg removal that was the old way to egg removal ( i have been doing my research) read upon IVF you will find great info.

You are 26 you are at a age where you produce great quality eggs and lots of them :)
I am 34 I am close to the end of producing a lot of eggs my eggs are still quality at this age, but hey i am close to late 30's.

There is so much hope for you. once you accept that you will not be able to get pregnant the old fashion way then you will be fine. IVF is our only hope like so many women, but like so many women even on this forum they have gone through IVF and was able to get pregnant. Believe me do the research you will be fine. I know it is hard to go through but YOU WILL BE A MOM. The good thing is you are still very young.

my success stories came from other site can't really remember, and also my re had a few patient with the same issue and were successful as well. what we have is not the worse thing. if everthing else works IVF IS THE BEST THING.

again, get a second opinion. Also you may want to pick up this book called "The infertility survival handbook" by Elizabeth Swire Falker.

Baby Dust



jamielee - February 26

Hi Orchard, I am also new here. I have a son through a natural pregnancy, he was born in 2003 we started trying again in 2004 and I was Finally pregnant in may of 2006. Turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube, I was actually taken by ambulance and had the tube removed. It was the most pain I have ever had!! My doctor told me that the other tube was also blocked with a hydrosalphinx, I was so devastated and cried for so long!! I went straight for IVF. My IVF doctor told me to remove the other tube for a better chance of success, well I did not want to be "tubeless" so I thought I'd go for it and leave the tube in. My Ivf did not work because the hydro leaked into my uterus killing my embryos. I had my second tube removed in December and am on my second cycle of IVF. I'm praying this one works, I just want to put these fertility issues behind and start moving on!!!!


destinybaby - February 27

Hi Jamielee,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I too have hydrosalpinx mostly in my left tube and a little in my right. My RE told me I did not need to have my tubes removed, i am not sure if it was because he said that my hydros are small. anyway as I mentioned above he is going to release the fluid on the day of ER. I asked dr jacobs on the medical board and he said the fluid will not return if i get pregnant on that cycle. Because that is my fear that the fluid would leak back into the uterus and cause a m/c. Anyway, questions, how large was your hydro in your left tube. and did they try releasing the fluid on the first try?

I do hope this cycle is successful for you. :) I will be doing my day 2 b/w tomorrow and I see my doctor on March 7th the we go from there.

What was your experience like with the first cycle I have heard so many scary stories. :o


baby dust to all


jamielee - February 27

Hi Tia,
Well I'm not sure exactly how big it was but I know that the doctor said there was fluid going into my uterus which was enough for me.
I actually never heard of the releasing of the fluid, I just figure why even risk it at this point, my tubes are doing me no good inside!! My first IVF wasn't bad at all actually it was pretty easy believe it or not. Its just emotionally draining, its even easier this time around because I know what to expect!! I think it helps knowing that there is a possible pregnancy at the end of it all!! I'll keep you posted I start my stims tommorrow..........


destinybaby - February 27

Hi Jamielee,

Thanks for sharing. I do understand about the fluid I am still nervous about it. but Dr. Jacobs on this forum knew about the procedure so I felt more comfortable with the idea. this cycle should go well for you.

keep us posted. Baby Dust To All.



jamielee - February 27

Thank you so much for the well wishes, I hope the same for you!
I don't think that the doctor would suggest this procedure if it was not successful for other women, so try not to worry to much!!




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