Nervous about Lovenox
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Mom2b1007 - May 21

Thanks autumnsky! I do find this website rather comforting. I was reading PrincessB's previous posts and they were a little scary but no less a reality in some cases I'm sure. Happier thoughts are much better though. I can't wait for tomorrow to see our little bean on ultrasound and to find out if we are having a Makayla or a Riley!!


autumnsky007 - May 21

Those are beautiful names that you have chosen. Either one will be a blessing. We were happy to find out the sex of our baby as well. We have had enough surprises throughout the pregnancy that we didn't want this to be a surprise. We are having a girl! Her name is Ambrielle. Please share the news, if you don't mind, once you have a chance.


cmcgin8983 - May 22

Hello everyone!

I have read the boards for weeks now and feel privileged to be among the women who continue to make strides towards the birth of their children. I have had four miscarriages. All were before 8 weeks. I have recently been diagnozed with APA syndrome and am now taking 40 mg of Lovenox once daily and inserting vaginal suppositories twice daily. I just started this routine today. I have been through the universe of other fertility assisted techniques except IVF but subjected to gonaltropins and injectable progesterone. I find Lovenox to be quite different and the bruising, to be expected, is pretty bad. I will perserve, I tell myself each day, if it means a child for me and my wonderful husband.

Well my question is I work out about 3 days per week. I want to know if I can continue to work out, assuming my body doesn't place any restrictions on me, while on Lovenox during the two week wait. I am trying to stay as much on course as possible. With all of my other pregnancies I stopped working out during the two week wait and it did not make a difference. I thought keeping my blood flow going may make a difference. Any advice is appreciated. Kind regards, Christina


Mom2b1007 - May 23

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to come back and share that our ultrasound went wonderful!! We are having a little BOY!! Riley Jacob!
The doctor I saw that day said that I should be switched over to Heparin around 36 weeks until I go into labor...then I would not have another shot until the baby is born. My OB/GYN however, at my last appt. suggested staying on the Lovenox the whole way through and having a planned delivery and just not taking the Lovenox a whole 24 hours before my delivery. Has anyone had any experience with this before? The doctor from yesterday said that having a planned delivery would increase my chances for a c-section, which would in turn increase my odds for a clot. My next appt. is next Tuesday, I'm sure this will be the hot topic of conversation.



bdantonio - May 23

I was indused with my first child due to high risk pregnancy and it does raise your chances of a c-section and i did end up having one with my daughter.


autumnsky007 - May 24

Hi Amy,
Congrats on the baby boy! I just had the same conversation with my doctors today as well. I have been told that my delivery will be planned and that I will not be put on heparin. I will take my final shot of lovenox the day before going into the hospital and 24 hours later will be induced. I too am afraid of ending up with a c-section. I have a couple of friends whom have been induced unsuccessfully which ended up in a c-section. We shall see I guess. I will keep you posted as things progress. Thus far, the date is July 2nd.



mrspfunk - June 26

[quote author=mvallery link=board=13;threadid=3802;start=30#34528 date=1175805712]
Autumn, just wondering how much Lovenox you are taking, I too have had 2 previous clots, and am now pregnant, they are recommending, 80mg 2x day, that seemed like alot to me
thanks, Melanie

Hi Melanie

Thats exactly what I am taking! and it sucks, lol. I think its determined by your wieght, but I coudl be wrong. I do get my leves check 2x a month to make sure I am with in range.


autumnsky007 - June 26

Hi Melanie and all,

Congradulations! While I was pregnant (yes, I am now a mommy), I was taking 2 shots a day @ 115mg per shot. The amount is factored by your weight. The heavier you are, the higher the dose. My original due date was July 15th, but the doc was going to induce on July 2nd so that they could get me off of the lovenox in time for inducing. Unfortunately, the baby had other plans and came on June 14th. Because she was breach, I ended up with a c-section. All went well and I am almose fully recovered and feeling great. The c-section wasn't that bad. Knowing that my baby needed me, I was determined not to let it bring me down; and it didn't. I was up and walking the same day. Because she arrived early, she is still in the hospital for close observation. I hope to have her home by this week.
[quote author=mrspfunk link=board=13;threadid=3802;start=45#37377 date=1182840466]
[quote author=mvallery link=board=13;threadid=3802;start=30#34528 date=1175805712]
Autumn, just wondering how much Lovenox you are taking, I too have had 2 previous clots, and am now pregnant, they are recommending, 80mg 2x day, that seemed like alot to me
thanks, Melanie

Hi Melanie

Thats exactly what I am taking! and it sucks, lol. I think its determined by your wieght, but I coudl be wrong. I do get my leves check 2x a month to make sure I am with in range.


irishmom - August 21

[quote author=PrincessB link=board=13;threadid=3802;start=0#33205 date=1173474985]
I personally would suggest getting off of it but I'm not a doctor. I had the same problem and the docs kept me on it. I had severe complications and my baby did too... I had a really bad experience and wished I'd stopped when my symptoms got like that.

I have talked with many naturopaths who recommend Vitamin E - the biologically active type. You can consider 400 IU of natural Vitamin E per day and be sure you are walking for circulation If bed rest, be sure you do stretching and movement in bed to help with circulation. You can always go back on it if you get a clot.

Lovenox if I read correctly is a Class B drug, meaning not intended for use in pregnant women - I put a posting on the other site here in shared journeys with alot of info about it from my reading.

Being a class B drug does NOT mean it is not recommended for pregnant woman. Many drugs given to pregnant woman are class B drugs. Class B means there are no human studies on the drug, but studies on pregnant animals showed NO adverse affects.


melissavelez - August 22

I also posted this in another Lovenox thread but wanted to post here as well, as I am VERY nervous about taking this med. I need to find more information about instances of still birth and fatal hemmoraging. PLease help (see below)!!

I was just put on Lovenox 80mg 2X daily injections. I am 32 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I have suffered from 4 miscariages in the past. I was diagnosed with Leiden Factor V and Protein S & C deficiencies in my 4th month. I opted to go natural for the past few months... not until after switching doctors 3 times, did my current doctor finally explain all of the risks involved with NOT taking the medication. He is also into holistic/alternative medicine, so I feel very comfotable with his recomendation, but because I am a naturalist myself, I am still warry of issues in labor/delivery and post partum. My current doctor did mention that we will be changing the medication type as I get closer to full term, as there are risks associated with Lovenox and epidurls/spinal blocks. I am very concerned about this and also about the risks of having a C-section while on this medication or other similar medication.

Has anyone ever experienced a still birth or a bleeding complication from taking Lovenox or other similar medication in late pregnancy, labor/delivery or post partum?? Any advice or sharing of your experience is greatly appreciated!


emmasmom06 - August 23

I have been on Lovenox now for 3 months. I was brusing the first week and then I was fine. NOw I am bruising again and I still did it the same as I always have. How do I know that I am doing it right anyway. Do we really know? I also have a bubble raise up on my skin where the Lovenox was injected. Does that mean it did not get to where it should go? As my stomach grows and I can no longer see the bottom of my belly,,,any suggestions as to where to go to do them next?

I have an issue with someone trying to scare the holy terror out of some of us. I lost my baby at 38 weeks because I have a blood clotting disorder and did not know I had it. Now I am PG and due in Feb and I am doing the injections myself. It is nerve racking enough to go through the loss and have to do the injections and then to hear the worst. Please, I know you may be trying to help but there is a time and place for it. I went 38 weeks which is unheard of when someone has a BC disorder, so that loss was hard enough. Let;s try and help one another out. Please. I pray for all of us and that the outcome is a blessing.

Please feel free to email me or just post on here.

Emma Gayle Wright 2*05*06 (due date was 2-16-06)
Peanut due 2-22-08


amy090801 - August 30

YAY!!!! More lovenox users!!

I have had no mc in the past, but at the start of this pregnancy (#3) I ended up in the hospital with a DVT and now am on lovenox 40mg twice a day. I am very very nerous as to what this will do to the baby...I was also smoking before all this and wonder how that will effect the outcome of it all..any help??


bdantonio - August 30

emmas mommy you can do them in your inside thigh where you have fatty tissue but from wht i heard it huts worse. per mr dr


chipmonk - August 31

i had been diagnosed with border line blood clotting problem and protein s dificency. I just completed my IVF trasnfer and was told by the hermatolgist to start lovenox, folgard and heparin right away. After about 10 days, I have this sudden bleeding with clots and then my hermatologist asked me to stop taking the lovenox and aspirin for 2 days and see how it goes. after stopping, the bleeding seems to die down and my pregnancy test come up positive. Now, still with spotting, my hermatologist ask me to resume the lovenox and aspirn, I am so worried and scareed to take it now as I suspect they caused the bleeding (thought my hermatologist outright said it's not possible). Anyone has a similar experience n can share ?


karrot305 - September 5

wait, are you on heparin and lovenox both!!!!! that would be a lot of blood thinners- possibly causing the bleeding. but keep in mind some people have quite a bit of bleeding in the beginning but everything is fine. I spotted from about week 5 to 9, somtimes bright red and with clots. nothing was ever wrong though- I bawled, thinking it was for sure another m/c. now Im almost 20 weeks thanks to the lovenox.



happymommy - September 9

Hello Ladies,
I am new to this board and in need of some advice. I am pregnant (5 1/2 weeks) by IVF and on Lovenox, as a "prophylactic" according to my RE doctor, as a precaution because my Protein S showed to be deficient (slightly). My question is, he is planning on having me on Lovenox for the first 3 months, then stopping. From all the reading I have been doing on the internet, it seems everyone that goes on Lovenox, stays on it throughout their pregnancy. I've only had a chance to talk to the nurse so far about my concern and she said that at this point they would not know if the Lovenox is the reason the pregnancy has lasted thus far for me. I have had 3 miscarriages prior, all ending early around 8 weeks. I am confused about what to ask the RE doc when I do see him again, and worried that if I go off of it, and then loose it, I would feel soooo very bad. Has anyone here taken it only 3 months, and been successful with the pregnancy? And what would I ask the doc to determine whether to take it and additional 6 months or not? Thanks so much for your help, DM



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