Anyone with PCOS have luck with Gonal-f
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JasJulesMom - February 12

I am finally ready to trigger with HCG and my RE informed me there was a chance of releasing 6 follies. I am pretty nervous. Spent 10 days on gonal-f all out of pocket. My husband has great sperm count and we are doing first IUI. Has anyone with PCOS had a similar situation and if so how did it turn out. I have agreat fear of more than 3 babies.


JasJulesMom - March 1

Has anyone with PCOS taken glucophage during pregnancy


bp72 - March 13

I did IVF with Gonal-F on my first cycle and had a singleton. We skipped IUI and other options due to DH's failed ART. I had tons of mediocre eggs which is supposedly typical for PCOS. I had 36 eggs, 31 fert with ICSI, 7 remaining on day 3, 0 survived for freezing. My RE transferred 3 embryos on day 3, and only 1 implanted. I was terrified of multiples (especially 3), but I got lucky, I guess.

I am doing IVF #2 hoping for ONE more. :-) I am using Follistim this time. I'm not sure why the change. I did have a tiny bit OHSS the first time but not enough to cancel.

Your post was a few weeks ago so you probably know the outcome by now. I hope it's positive!


shaybabe62 - June 5

My husband and I have been TTC for over a year now. We were able to get preg pretty quick when we decided to start trying. But, I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I have not ovulated on my own since then, I have PCOS. I was put on provera and metformin with no luck. Then clomid 50mg and 100mg with no ovulation. I just not finished my last round of clomid my OBGYN will give (150mg). I really hope it works, but after the 50 and 100 didnt work im not getting my hopes up. After this round of clomid I will start the shots at an RE. I guess right now I just need success stories. I am a little worried because my insurance doesnt cover fertility treatment and I have no idea how much the shots will cost.


plus1please - January 21

I just finished up with my first cycle of Clomid and gonal f 75ius for 5 days. I just went in for the u/s and Dr said he didn't like my response to the meds. I was on CD11 and he said my follies were only 13 and 14 mm? He said there is no way I will ovulate this cycle. I was so crushed when I left. I still had one injection of gonal f to tKe and he said to just save it. I'm so scared that my body won't respond to the gonal f. Has anyone had this happen with gonal f?



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