What are the Contributing Factors to Over Use?

Poor motility and low sperm count are the reasons ICSI offers the best technique to use for male infertility. The fact that the clinic can guarantee the successful fertilization of more eggs, whether the male's sperm is normal or not, drives the usage up. More embryos are available for IVF use through the ICSI method.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority recommend that ICSI be used only when there are problems with the man's sperm or when previous attempts at IVF have failed. Several medical professionals concur with Dr. van Steirteghem in the assessment that the treatment is over used. Their comments noted that men are not properly evaluated before IVF.

Commonly, the sperm is normal and ICSI is not necessary. The suspected fear of patients experiencing a failed attempt at fertilization using conventional IVF seems to be another reason the treatment continues to be used ahead of other forms of IVF.

The fact that so many couples pay for their own treatment, especially in the UK, makes it seem unlikely that the treatment usage will be reduced. Time will tell how great the numbers are of children negatively affected by ICSI treatment using inferior sperm.


Table of Contents
1. Overuse of ICSI
2. And if sperm is inferior?
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