Stress Reduction for fertiilty

Massage and spa day

Enjoy a day together at the spa. This is a nice way to bond with each other, to have someone pamper you, and to relax. Enjoy a massage, a facial, a manicure and more.

Have fun relaxing by the pool together and bonding as you are being pampered. If you cant afford a get-away of this sort, see if you have a friend who would give you and your husband massages and you can create your own spa day at home!

Get in the water

Water tends to be very soothing and relaxing. Whether you want to go to a sauna weekly, enjoy a Jacuzzi, or just spend time in your tub, water is a great place to bond and relax.

Hydrotherapy is one form of therapy that is said to help with fertility. This may also be something worth looking into and doing together. No matter what form of water activity you select, enjoy your time together and take your mind off of other matters while you are in the water.

Bonding as a couple

These are just a few of the many activities that can allow you to bond as a couple and to break out of your mold. They may reduce your stress and give you a chance to enjoy time together in a pressure-free environment.

Don't belittle the stress that is involved in trying to conceive. The more that you recognize this stress, and work to diminish it, the happier you will be - and, hopefully, the easier time you'll have conceiving.

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1. Stress Reducers
2. Take time to chill out
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