Women With Other Disabilities

Fertility treatment may not be covered on your insurance plan if you have a disability, so unless you are able to pay for treatment yourself you may be deprived of the pleasure of having your own children.

In November 2003, a blind woman lost a discrimination case against a fertility clinic (in the Denver US District Court) who refused her treatment because they required 'proof'of  her ability to care for a child. She was later able to find a fertility clinic that would treat her and gave birth to a little girl.

Attitudes are changing though. For example, women suffering from MS used to be advised not to get pregnant, but nowadays doctors see no reason why MS sufferers can't have children.


Some medications for certain conditions can interfere with your ability to get conceive. If you are having fertility problems, ask your specialist's advice about your chances of having a baby before going for fertility treatment. You could save yourself time, money and disappointment.

Table of Contents
1. Fertility And Disability
2. Are you insurable?
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