After the Hysterosalpingogram

After the last x-rays have been taken, you will be asked to remain lying down for a few minutes. You may notice some light abdominal cramping. After a few minutes, you can get dressed. Your test results will likely be available immediately after the procedure.

Complications of a Hysterosalpingogram

As with any diagnostic procedure, there are some complications associated with the HSG test. However, complications are rare, occuring in only 1% of all patients. Possible complications include:

  • spotting
  • fainting
  • uterine infection
  • iodine dye allergy

The Results

Your health care provider will sit down with you to explain the results of your HSG test. Normal results will show no blockages in your fallopian tubes and and a uterus that is of natural size and shape. Abnormal results could show one or more blockages in your fallopian tubes, uterine adhesions, or an unusual uterine shape.

After the Hysterosalpingogram

If your HSG test results come back normal, this means that there is no detectable problem with your uterus or fallopian tubes. Further testing may be required to determine where your fertility issues stem from.

If your HSG results come back abnormal, this means that there is some sort of problem with your uterus or fallopian tubes. Treatment will depend on the specific problem that your health care provider detects.


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1. Who needs an HSG?
2. What's after the HSG
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