Erectile dysfuntion treatments

Impotence Surgery

Erectile dysfunction treatments are not limited to just medications and therapy, though. For those that choose to have impotence surgery, penile implants are the most common form of surgery done. These implants are usually made up of inflatable tubes or rods (which are placed inside the penis); a pump (which is located in the scrotum); and a reservoir of sterile liquid that is placed in the abdomen. When a man desires to have an erection, he simply squeezes the pump and the sterile liquid flows into the tubes. An erection results as the tubes expand.

Vascular reconstructive surgery

Another type of surgery, known as vascular reconstructive surgery, is available to help improve blood flow to the penis. However, this surgery is not very common and is still considered to be experimental. There are potential long-term side effects associated with the surgery that include nerve damage and scar tissue, both of which can cause impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction Products

Men who prefer a more natural solution to their impotence problems may want to invest in an erectile dysfunction product. These products help a man temporarily achieve an erection without the aid of implants or medications. An erectile dysfunction pump or vacuum is the most common device used.

These impotence vacuum pumps consist of a plastic tube that fits over the penis. In order to create a seal, the tube must sit right up against the base of the penis. Then, using a hand pump, blood is drawn into the penis and, after a few minutes, an erection results. In order to maintain the erection, a rubber ring is placed at the base of the penis.

If none of these methods help a couple to achieve pregnancy naturally, a couple may want to look into artificial reproductive techniques and the use of ICSI to help fertilization.


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