Infertility Insurance

If you are facing fertility difficulties, you and your partner may be considering visiting a fertility clinic for treatment. Fertility treatments, including fertility drugs, IUI, and IVF, can sometimes help to significantly increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Unfortunately, these fertility tests and treatments are very expensive and therefore are out of reach for many couples. However, fertility insurance is now offered by a number of different insurance providers. So before you give up on those treatments, find out whether or not your may be covered by infertility insurance.

What is Infertility Insurance?

Infertility insurance is a type of health insurance that can help you to pay for your fertility treatments. For a monthly premium, insurance providers will supply you with a health care plan that will cover a range of fertility treatments, including diagnostic fertility tests, artificial insemination, and other types of assisted reproductive technology.

If you are ever faced with the need to have fertility treatments, your infertility insurer will pay for these treatments, up to a specified maximum amount. Infertility insurance is now mandated in certain states and available for private purchase throughout the United States.

Why Buy Fertility Insurance?

Insurance is becoming increasingly popular among couples and families, particularly as health care costs continue to rise. You can now receive health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and even pet insurance, in order to ensure that you and your family have financial security in times of need. Infertility insurance is also becoming more and more popular as demands for fertility treatment increase.

With more than six million Americans facing fertility issues, fertility treatment is being seen more as a necessity than as a luxury.

Fertility treatments are completely out of the price range for most couples. With fertility medications costing upwards of $1,000 a month, and some ART procedures costing over $4,000, many couples simply can’t afford to finance fertility treatments on their own. Fertility insurance can provide you with a way to get the treatments you need without going bankrupt.

Types of Infertility Insurance

There are three main types of infertility insurance:

  • Standard Health Insurance: Standard health insurance requires that you pay a monthly premium in exchange for specific fertility coverage.
  • Refund Programs: With these types of programs, you pay up front for your fertility treatments. If you do not have a baby, between 70% and 100% of the money is paid back to you.
  • Financing: Loans can be taken out to cover infertility procedures. If you do not have a baby, these loans do not have to be repaid in full.


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