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Coping with infertility can be a very difficult journey for couples. You and your partner may find that you become emotionally, financially, and physically stressed as you engage in different fertility treatments. And all of this stress can have a negative impact on your sexual relationships, influencing your sexual desire, sexual motivation, and sexual enjoyment.

If you and your partner are experiencing similar problems with your sex life, you may want to talk with a sex therapist. A sex therapist can counsel you and your partner on these issues, and may be able to help guide you through the process of dealing with your infertility.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is used to help couples deal with various sexual issues. Sex therapists are clinically trained mental health professionals who help couples to find a way to express their feelings about sex. Sex therapists work one-on-one with couples to help pinpoint problem areas, diagnose sexual dysfunctions, and solve sexual difficulties.

Introduced more than forty years ago, sex therapy provides a supportive and open environment where couples can freely express their worries and concerns about their sexual issues.

Who Gets Sex Therapy?

Many different types of people seek sex therapy in order to address their various sexual issues. Young or old, male or female, sex therapists can help almost anyone express their concerns about sexual intimacy.

People visiting sex therapists often have concerns about:

  • sexual desire
  • sexual identity
  • sexual abuse
  • sexual dysfunction
  • infertility

How Can A Sex Therapist Help Couples Facing Infertility?

Sex therapists are particularly adept at helping couples that are struggling with infertility. Sex therapists have years of clinical training in all aspects of sexual relationships, including physical sexual dysfunction.

Sex therapists are also knowledgeable about various fertility treatments and the physical and emotional effects that they may have on couples dealing with infertility.

A sex therapist can help you and your partner pinpoint and treat the physical problems that may be impeding your sexual fertility. She will also be able to help express your feelings about sexual intimacy as they arise during the process of fertility treatment.

In particular, sex therapists can help you to deal with:

  • ejaculatory dysfunction
  • erectile dysfunction, or impotence
  • loss of sexual desire
  • loss of sexual intimacy
  • emotions surrounding infertility (including guilt, anger, and fear)
  • marital discord or relationship difficulties
  • the choice of fertility treatments (including IUI or IVF)


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