What Conditions do Licensed Clinical Social Workers Treat?

Licensed clinical socials workers work with a variety of different clients, including individuals, couples, families, and children. In fact, clinical social workers perform more than 60% of all mental health treatments in the United States. These social workers help their clients work through a range of different issues and problems, including: 

  • infertility
  • anxiety and depression
  • marriage issues
  • sexual disorders
  • substance abuse problems
  • eating disorders
  • chronic pain

How Can Licensed Clinical Social Workers Help Treat Infertility?

Most clinical social workers specialize in certain areas of practice, including infertility. Those who specialize in infertility have a lot of knowledge about the various types of infertility (including male and female) as well as the major fertility treatments that are available (like IUI and IVF). A licensed clinical social worker can help you deal with your infertility by:

  • helping you identify your emotions surrounding infertility
  • discussing your feelings about certain fertility treatments
  • identifying treatment options
  • discussing ways in which you can talk about infertility with your partner, family members, and friends
  • provide you with coping mechanisms to handle the grief and anger associated with infertility

Finding a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?

Licensed clinical social workers work in a number of different settings, including schools, hospitals, private practices, and long-term care facilities. If you are interested in seeing a clinical social worker for your infertility, you can look to these places for a listing of local practitioners.

You can also visit with your health care provider for a referral. Alternatively, you can contact your state’s governing board of social workers, who will have a listing of licensed clinical social workers in your area.



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