How Can Fertility Counseling Help?

Fertility counseling can be very helpful to anyone facing fertility issues. Studies even suggest that couples who pursue fertility counseling are more likely to become pregnant than those who do not. Counseling provides you with:

  • A way to express your feelings about fertility diagnosis and treatment.
  • A safe and supportive environment in which to express your feelings.
  • Problem solving and stress reduction skills.
  • Coping mechanisms to help you deal with fertility treatments, successes, and failures.
  • Input about various fertility treatment options, including IVF and IUI.

Infertility Counseling and Male Infertility

Men often have a very difficult time expressing their emotions about their or their partner’s fertility problems. Men dealing with infertility can easily find themselves becoming withdrawn from their partner due to fear or anxiety over facing the emotional aspect of infertility. This can place an obvious strain on any relationship.

Attending fertility counseling sessions, either alone or with your partner, can allow you to air those emotions you have bottled up inside. Not only can this help reduce any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing, but it can also help open up the lines of communication between you and your partner.

Even if you do not initially feel comfortable with the idea of talking to someone you don’t know about your fertility issues, just attending a few sessions with your partner can help show your support for your partner during this difficult time. It is also a good way to become more involved in the treatment of infertility, even if it is not you that is receiving treatment.


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