What Is A Couple To Do?

Unfortunately, couples suffering with secondary infertility are less likely to receive support than those dealing with primary infertility because their infertility is often an invisible and unacknowledged condition. 

The couple already has a child so the pain associated with infertility is minimized in the eyes of those outside the situation - there is no apparent loss in the family.  Additionally, the couple may incur the opinions of others who would suggest they should be grateful for the child they have and be happy with that.

The greater issue is the inability to conceive, but most couples will not pursue diagnosis and treatment due the unrecognized feelings about their infertility.  However, these feelings of infertility are just as valid for secondary infertility as for primary and the individuals involved have to find their way through their grief and be validated in their pain.


Table of Contents
1. Secondary Infertility Pain
2. Secondary infertility hurts too
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