How to find a fertility trial

There are over 250 fertility trials worldwide currently looking for participants. Some of these trials are just observational ones and will not offer any type of treatment. Others will be testing new drugs and procedures that may help you get pregnant.

Some of the trials need male subjects with sub-fertility problems, and others need older women or women with specific conditions like PCOS.
Each trial will have its own criteria to participate and will only need a certain number of subjects.

If you apply for a study and are turned down, do not take it personally. You may not fit the requirements of the study, or you may live too far away from the research center responsible. However you may be exactly the right person for a different study.

Of course, if you live in or near a main medical research hospital or center, it will be easier to take part in a clinical trial. In the United States you can find out information about current medical trials from the National Institutes of Health.

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