How To Tell Others About Your Infertility

There are ways to go about telling others about your infertility without having to shout it out to the whole world. Here are some tips on how to begin discussing your fertility issues with others:

Look For Safe Support:

Finding support to help you through this emotional time is important, but it is also necessary to find a source of safe support.

Safe support can consist of:

  • an open-minded and supportive parent
  • a friend who won't pass judgement
  • another couple who has also experienced infertility

You may find the safe support that you need by joining a support group.

Know When To Tell

It is important to find the right time for you to tell others about your infertility. The right time is probably not during IVF cycles or when you are awaiting a pregnancy test result. Instead, focus on telling others during a time when you are less emotional and more able to deal with their reactions. Choose a time when things are quietest for you.

Know How To Tell

Telling anyone about your infertility can be difficult, but it may be particularly difficult to tell those closest to you. Consider getting support when you are telling others.

Great supports include:

  • your spouse or partner
  • a close friend
  • a social worker or psychologist



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1. Keeping Infertility A Secret?
2. When to to tell
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