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National Advocacy Issues:

Are You Being Unfairly Denied Infertility Insurance?

You can now call a Hotline phone number (888-692-4422) instituted by Attorney General Dennis C. Vacca'a Health Care Bureau. Health Care Bureau representatives who answer calls may bring you one major step closer to getting the coverage your policy provides. They have personally intervened with carriers and advocated on behalf of policyholders that have had a good case - i.e., they clearly are being denied coverage covered by their policy - and have overturned denials.

This influential source is good news for the increasing number of RESOLVE members who are battling their carriers alone for fair treatment.

Federal Update:

RESOLVE and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine are working to raise awareness about infertility in Congress. Some members of Congress have expressed an interest in sponsoring an infertility insurance mandate. As of this date, no bill has been introduced, so there is no need for you to contact your Senators and Representatives at this time. If legislation is introduced, there will be a notice on our web site or in our newsletter. Everyone who has contacted RESOLVE requesting to be part of the e-mail advocacy network will receive information as soon as there is an update, so if you have not yet requested to be on the list, send an email message to [email protected] and direct it to Deborah. Please provide your name, address and telephone number in the body of the message.

Infertility Insurance Resource Available:

An excellent new resource is available to explain to managed care providers, insurance plans and employee benefit managers why employee-provider health care coverage should include coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Created by the national employee benefit consulting firm of William M. Mercer, the "Infertility as a Covered Benefit" material includes a twelve page "executive summary" that is being widely distributed to employee benefits managers and managed care organizations, as well as a comprehensive binder on the issue that William M. Mercer maintains at its offices across the country. RESOLVE members can receive copies of the "Infertility as a Covered Benefit" executive summary through the national help line. Employees who want their employers to offer infertility benefits as part of their health plan should request their benefits manager or their health care providers to contact Lisa Aster of William M. Mercer at (212) 345-7000. An Electronic version of this resource may soon be available on the world wide web.

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