Costs of IUI

While costs can vary, IUI can usually be performed for less than $500. Couples with a high level of sperm defects may choose to use a sperm donor, which will increase the price of the IUI procedure. However, even with a sperm donor, IUI still costs significantly less than ICSI.

So which is best?

When deciding on a fertility treatment, it is important to remember just what your personal needs are. If the reason for your fertility problems is varicoceles, it does not necessarily make sense to undergo ICSI and IVF when a simple surgical procedure can take care of the problem. At the same time, though, it is also important to keep in mind what a treatment entails. While one cycle of IUI is less expensive than one cycle of ICSI-IVF, multiple IUI cycles are often necessary for a pregnancy to result.

Also, some couples may feel that the importance of having a child biologically related to both parents is far more important than the cost of a procedure. Therefore, although a less expensive procedure, like IUI with sperm donation, may be available to you, you may feel that it is better to opt for ICSI.

Consider how treatment will affect your daily life

Another important consideration when deciding on a male infertility treatment is what kind of effect the treatment will have on your everyday life. Some treatments may require you or your partner to take more time off of work for appointments. Not all work places are flexible to the needs of people undergoing infertility treatment and you may have to deal with losing some pay when you need time off.

If you have other commitments, they may need to be rearranged or completely cut from your schedule while you receive treatment.

While the actual price of a fertility treatment can play an important role in your final decision, it is important to be sure that this treatment is the best for you. In addition to the cost, considering how effective the treatment is in general, how effective the treatment should be for you, and how the treatment will affect your daily life are all significant points to reflect on.

The most cost effective treatment is the one that will satisfy your emotional, financial and fertility needs.


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