Health of the Egg Donor

Before choosing a donor, it is important that you find out as much as possible about their medical history. Most egg donors need to be non-smokers between the ages of 18 and 35. You want to be sure that your egg donor has no past history of infertility, STDs, or other serious illnesses.

You also want to make sure that your egg donor is not carrying any genetic diseases that could be passed on to your baby. All egg donation agencies rigorously screen their donors, and you should be sure to have your reproductive endocrinologist screen any known donors that you are considering.

Characteristics of the Egg Donor

One of the most important parts of choosing an egg donor is often considering their physical and emotional characteristics.

When choosing an egg donor, whether it's someone that you know or an anonymous donor, be sure to consider the following things:

  • body height and build
  • eye and hair color
  • blood type
  • ethnic background
  • religious background
  • occupation
  • level of education
  • special interests

If you are using an egg donation agency, the agency will provide you with a detailed profile that describes each of these characteristics.

You may also consider looking at childhood pictures of your egg donor, if at all possible.


Table of Contents
1. How to Choose a Donor
2. Checking out your egg donor
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george hawurek
Good article with a clear message! I would however add that it\'s a good idea not to focus on some specific traits only but also try to go with your instincts. It is said that people making the choice more lightly are usually happier with their choice. Oh and don\'t forget that the localization of the donor is very important especially when you want to save money, you could find a donor locally and save some for donor\'s transport and accommodation. If you want to know more about choosing donors, egg donations, ivf and infertility in general check out eggdonationfriends website
9 years ago