Costs of Egg Donation

Depending upon the country in which you reside, the costs of egg donation can vary widely. In the United States, where egg donors can be compensated for their donation, egg donation procedures are quite expensive. Donated eggs can cost as much as $5,000 and additional costs for medications and IVF treatment can add up to more than $15,000.

Advantages of Using Egg Donation

Egg donation is often extremely popular because it allows a couple to experience the joys of pregnancy. After the embryo has been implanted into your uterus, you have the chance to carry the fetus to term. You will also get to experience labor and delivery. Many couples choose egg donation because it still allows for their child to be partially related to them.

Disadvantages of Using Egg Donation

There are some disadvantages associated with egg donation. This procedure is time consuming, as it involves choosing an appropriate donor and preparing the woman for the IVF procedure. It is also one of the more costly types of infertility treatments.

Additionally, many parents feel uncomfortable choosing egg donation since it means that their child will not be fully related to them. Because you are using donated eggs, the child will not be biologically related to the mother.

Legal Issues of Egg Donation

Depending upon where you live, there are different laws governing egg donation. Few countries allow for egg donors to be paid for their services. Most countries require all that egg donations take place for altruistic purposes.

However, in the United States egg, donors can be paid for each egg that they donate. Depending upon the fertility history of the donor, compensation fees can run as high as $5,000.

Many couples are reluctant to pursue egg donation for fear of complicating the issue of parental rights. However, when you use an egg donor, either known or anonymous, they have no legal parental rights over any resulting children.

Success Rates

Egg donation success rates are fairly high. This is because most egg donors are young women with a good history of fertility. Pregnancy rates typically run as high as 50%. However, IVF also increases your chances of multiple pregnancy: more than 25% of pregnancies resulting from donor eggs are twins or higher-order multiples.


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